Monochrome Madness Week 37

Due to the events of the past couple of weeks I have been a little lax in my contributions to Leanne Cole (and Laura Macky’s) Monochrome Madness challenge.
However I’m back.
I keep a folder on my desktop of monochrome images that I intend to submit to this challenge but always manage to find something else that catches my eye and change my mind.
On the weekend the Garden Gnome and I attended the HQ Holden Run.
Although we don’t own a HQ (we have an HZ) we still tagged along for this fun day. This year was a new venue and after a scenic drive we found ourselves in a Heritage Park.
Now when I read this on the flyer I thought that was the name of the park we would all end up at. However, it is in fact a heritage village full of antiques and heritage items.
So along with the 300+ cars that were there that day, we took a ride around in an old council bus and watched a vintage steam roller keep the dust on the roads down.
I was beside myself and clicked away at so many things.
I must say that the Garden Gnome did look a little askance at me when I went to take this photo though.
I loved the combination of shadows and dead tree branches on this old concrete water pipe laying on the edge of the field (right behind the vintage fire engine).
091aBefore I converted this photo to monochrome, it looked almost monochrome in its colours.

I have another monochrome image to share with you as well. This was my contribution to Week 35 of the challenge (and can be found on Leanne’s blog) however I didn’t post it to my own blog.
Taken in a church in Toowoomba during the Carnival of Flowers.
Found-in-the-Good-BookI hope you enjoy. 🙂


24 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness Week 37

  1. Great pics Sue, the monochrome seems to, not only capture the picture, but by its starkness, carries you back into another time, colour is the here and now yet monochrome gives you a taste of what was once.
    Great post.


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