Convoy for Jorge by Sue Jones

I was so thrilled to watch this all unfold on Facebook and it was me who tagged Melissa. Speaking later with Melissa, she was overwhelmed by the experience.
I had the best time taking photos of the trucks on the day and by taking Master Four (my grandson) with me, I was elevated to ‘Best Ma’ status for the next day or so. 🙂

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When Lisa Welch from Jimboomba, Queensland (Australia) was struggling with what to gift her son, for his upcoming 10th birthday, she was stumped. Her little boy Jorge has a disability. Born with Corticol Dysplasia, he is non-verbal and his brain functions at the capacity of an 18 month old child. Compounding this, Jorge also has severe Epilepsy suffering multiple seizures each day.

Jimboomba Jorge

Lisa had noticed that during the drive to school each weekday morning, Jorge almost jumped out of his seat with excitement every time they passed a big truck on the road. This was what gave her the idea to put a post on the local Scenic Rim Facebook Sell It page, asking for a person with a truck to visit their home for an hour and possibly take Jorge for a ride.

Within minutes Melissa Whelan whose husband Tom drives a big rig was tagged. Melissa who happened…

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