The Gift of Compassion by Sue Jones

Compassion is such an important gift to have and it is equally wonderful to find that gift in others.
On the Kindness Blog I share another story from the loss of our angel.

Kindness Blog

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The best definition I have ever found for compassion is “to suffer together”.

I am of the belief that in order to be able to show compassion for another human being you must have suffered yourself at some time in the past. In the past few weeks, my family have suffered the tragedy of losing a premmie baby. During our suffering, there were many around us who showed compassion but the most amazing example of all was that of a midwife named Anne.

When my daughter in law went into premature labour a mere hour after her and my son had moved back to Queensland from Melbourne, I was concerned but hopeful. I was blessed to be able to hold my daughter-in-law’s hand, speak encouraging words and support both her and my son during this time. Medical staff began invading the room, however Anne kept me informed every step of…

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