I hate not being able to fix things

This morning I had to tell the Garden Gnome that I had received an email.
It was from a place he had jumped through hoops to gain employment with. He had turned up for an interview and been left standing at the main gate because there was a situation that needed dealing with and they had forgotten he was coming. They called and apologised and asked him to complete an application containing pages and pages of information about himself including everything relating to past medical issues.
It asked whether he had ever been treated for mental health issues.
He was honest.
We will never know for sure but we believe that this is what cost him the job. Continue reading

Talking about death

Whilst we were with the Son and my daughter-in-law the day after our angel passed, I asked the First Born whether she had told her children what had happened.
They had seen her happy and busy preparing for the upcoming baby shower and now they suddenly didn’t have mummy at home with them much. She wasn’t happy any more and cried a lot. I thought that they must a little confused.
She replied that she hadn’t but that she would talk with them about it later that day.
There are two schools of thought about speaking with children about death. Those who believe children don’t need to know and those that believe a child has as much right to mourn as an adult. Continue reading

Improving your life one week at a time

Earlier this week I picked up my books again and began my studies once again. Due to the many happenings in my life this year, I am so far behind in my studies it is bordering on the ridiculous. However I am hoping to chip away steadily and get back on track as soon as possible.
As part of this decision, I began a goal setting exercise that is ongoing.
I outlined goals both short, mid and long term and I am now in the process of working out the steps to achieve those goals. It’s an ongoing process because I keep thinking of new things to add or to tweak.
However goals should be fluid and subject to change so I am not concerned about making these changes. The important thing is the setting of the initial goal. Continue reading

Giving Thanks

This morning I came across a post at a fairly new blog (to me) that challenged the readers to write about gratitude.
The first thing that came to mind when I read this was a song that I used to sing in my church-going days. It was written by Don Moen and entitled “Give Thanks”.
Although I don’t attend church these days, my love of the music that I enjoyed during my time in attendance has not diminished.
I appreciate songs for their beauty and their messages and many lines in this song still resonate as loudly with me today as they did back then. Continue reading

Beauty for an angel

“Do you want flowers on the casket?” the funeral director asked looking toward me.
Thankfully, although the kids broke down each time we talked about arranging the funeral we had discussed the subject of flowers prior to my meeting with the funeral home.
“No. We will supply flowers for the service” I replied. Continue reading

Rise above the Storm

The other afternoon, the Tween (nearly Teen now) and I were outside photographing two storm fronts that were coming over.
We won’t discuss the fact that stress is causing me to have brain farts such as forgetting how to set my camera to bulb function that meant I didn’t get too many lightning shots. 😦
Anyway, after a lightning bolt landed in a paddock not too far away and my assistant screamed “We’re going to die” we high-tailed it back inside to the relative safety of the indoors to wait out the storm. Continue reading

The importance of just being there

I have always been of the belief that when words fail (and in some circumstances not even words can help) then just being there is enough.
Unfortunately it took the events of the past two weeks to reinforce this belief but I am glad that it did.
So many people have difficulty in expressing what they feel.
They believe that they just don’t have the words or the situation makes them feel uncomfortable so they just pull back and don’t communicate at all. Continue reading