My week unplugged

I must confess that I have had internet for a couple of days now but kept away from the computer. It is amazing though just how much we have come to rely on the world wide web in this day and age.
Whilst I could access the internet on my smartphone if I needed to, it was difficult to pay bills on such a small screen. So many business rely on the use of the internet for our interaction with them these days.
I found it difficult to shop for Christmas gifts and resorted to doing it the old fashioned way of braving the crowds in a shopping centre with a list in my hand. I couldn’t look up patterns for sewing so had to resort to reading my magazines and browsing through what I already own in books and folders. The same thing applied to recipes.
I continued to play my games but couldn’t compare my scores against those of my friends who play the same games.
It was a different reality but not a bad one.
Like I said, I have had the internet now for a couple of days but I chose to stay away from blogs and reading in order to concentrate on sewing for the handmade market. Selfishly, I took the time to disconnect from the lives of others as much as possible and just concentrate on my family and spending time with myself.
I have spent the week composing blog posts in my head and writing notes in my trusty green notebook when I was near it but mostly the posts just stayed in my head. I have formed opinions on many things including the latest Band Aid song, questions posed by radio DJ’s and life in general. You may yet see blog posts about these things.

I had a bad day last Tuesday that saw me walk away from everything (including the sewing machine) and cry for most of the day. The black dog was getting under my feet that day. I had thought to write about that today but didn’t want to come back to you all and say hi with such a melancholy post.
That one can wait. 🙂

Since my internet died the Tween has dropped the ‘w’ from her name, I have sewed and sewed Christmas things for a handmade stall (that I don’t think sold anything of mine), braved the crowds to shop for Christmas gifts, met a friend for a chai, watched two baby brown doves hatch and begin growing in a pot plant in my shade house, been through another storm, got caught in a torrential downpour and generally lived my life.
It’s been a week well spent and I did it all without being connected all of the time.

Blessings to you all.


34 thoughts on “My week unplugged

  1. Welcome back Suzanne, and I think it is great that you stayed from the computer, even though you had internet for a couple of days. Amazing how addictive the internet can be.

    Your sewing looks wonderful, and I sincerely hope this busy Christmas season goes well for you.


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    1. Thanks so much Carl. Christmas always raises my anxiety levels unfortunately and this year my First Born and her cousin have decided that the family Christmas is to be at our place so the anxiety levels have gone up an extra notch.
      We well survive though. After all, it is only a day in our lives. 🙂

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  2. I can’t even sew on a button! I really love that owl! I, too, have been staying away from the computer more these days and I must say I am starting to feel better. With my OCD I develop habit easily but it’s a *$&))#$& to bread a habit! I was online every minute that I wasn’t working and it has been hard to get away, but I am doing it! I still check blogs and write once in a while, but I am trying to have a life, too! Oh, and I still love the owl…lol


    1. Thanks Granny. If the owl hasn’t sold I am donating it to a charity that provides things for children in foster care.
      I know what you mean about it being easy to create a habit and hard to break it. Shame that it is always the things that are not that good for us that are the easiest to form habits for and harder to create a habit for eating healthy or exercising. lol

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    1. She loves thunderstorms so was suitably impressed that the biggest one in years happened to break just as she was getting out of school for the day lol This meant that her friends all ended up at our place (we live right near the school) whilst they waited it out and we had cake with them. She loved that.

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  3. Happy birthday to the teen, and congratulations on the wisdom of retreating into yourself for a while. That’s what the sabbath was originally intended for — a time of rest and restoration.

    And yes, the stuff you made looks like fun.


  4. Suzanne, I do believe you actually needed the time away from so much technology. You might have been keeping those tears inside of you for a while and the lack of the internet finally let you gush. You haven’t been selfish, not by a long shot. You’re one of the most giving people I know on or off the internet.

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  5. Hi and welcome back to the tinternet. I may be joining you soon as Telecom Italia arrived at our house on Friday to make sure we exist, with a promise of connection in 20 days (that is 20 Italian days which is more likely to be 2 to 3 months) I may soonish have proper internet

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  6. The internet can be our friend or foe. Welcome back I’ve been away a few days also as life was just a bit sad and I needed time.
    Happy birthday and good luck with your brand new teen.


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