It’s the small things that keep us amused

Yesterday evening whilst I was in here catching up on comments from the past week and writing my blog post, I kept overhearing giggles coming from the living area.
They piqued my curiosity so when I had finished with the computer, I wandered out to the lounge room and found the Garden Gnome and the Teen sitting on the floor and laughing hysterically.
I asked them what was going on. “We’re thinking up dog names” the Teen responded in answer to my question.
“But we don’t have a dog” I replied.
“No we don’t yet but maybe in the New Year we will get one” the Garden Gnome offered. “In the meantime, we are hypothetically shortlisting names”.
It seems that my family have decided that when we do get another puppy, it will be a Westie (West Highland Terrier). I looked up breeders and found that these little gems are not cheap. We were expecting to pay hundreds but it appears that they command thousands. Might have to rethink that idea.

Anyway, back to the names.
For the next couple of hours, the search for the perfect name to place on the shortlist continued. We even enlisted the assistance of the First Born who happened to call during our discussions.
Many of the names offered were totally outrageous. Some were downright stupid and some reminded us too much of people we actually know. 😀
I do believe that the Tween has about 5 names shortlisted with the top two being “Churro” (don’t ask) and “Elsa”.
I’m thinking that Elsa might be the better of the two.

Isn’t it funny how the little things make family time so special? I’m so incredibly grateful for the times in life such as these.

Now we just need to rob a bank to buy a dog. 😉


37 thoughts on “It’s the small things that keep us amused

  1. I don’t know if your family’s heart is set on a pure-bred Westie, but you might want to consider a dog from a shelter. Here in the States we have what is known as “kill shelters,” where, if no one adopts a dog, they are euthanized. Our dog, a mixed shepherd and lab, was on death row at her shelter when our daughter found her. She is a truly wonderful dog and has brought a lot of joy into our lives…and we didn’t have to rob a bank to get her!

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    1. I second Doobster’s motion. “You can’t change the world by adopting a shelter dog, but you can change the whole world of that one dog.” I have a rescue dog who is a cross between an Aussie Silky and an Aussie Terrier and is the best, most loving, affectionate little creature in the whole world. Rescue dogs are so grateful for their forever homes and families and will reward you a thousand times over. And, they are so much fun – and we all need more of that in our lives. 🙂

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      1. I agree. Our last dog was an Australian Silky and he was incredibly loving and affectionate with our family. The only thing we found was he had low tolerance for children that weren’t in his ‘pack’.
        As I said to Doob, my family are set on getting a puppy.


    2. We have shelters here also and I have raised that issue with the family however they are set on getting a puppy and raising it. We had our last dog from when he was weaned from his mother so I think the GG wants to go that route once again. As for the Westie. Yes, the Teen is set on that but our bank balance isn’t.

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  2. How about a rescue dog Suz? They are big over here. You can get them from the pound for pretty much the vet costs (innoculations, spaying/neutering, exam time) and you save an animal from being put down. Some have had hard lives but they have lots and lots of love to give becasue many have never had anyone to love or who loved them. Granted they may have sensitive areas (say, other dogs if they’ve been attacked, etc) but they are well worth the effort. 🙂

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    1. We have shelters here in Australia as well Paul and some of them are damned expensive. I can understand why they are because they are not for profit organisations and they have to cover costs etc but although I have raised the issue with my family they are set on getting a purebred puppy.


  3. I ended up looking up the breed because when I was a kid I had a fox terrier. I figured my dog would look quite different from the Westie but wondered about the health issues. Just as I expected, these darling little dogs do have some problems to watch out for. ( My fox terrier is one of the few types of terrier that doesn’t have a lot of health problems. Still, the image I saw of the Westie had me thinking he or she would certainly be a fun and loving dog to have.

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    1. We certainly need a dog that likes children in this home. I’m not sure about the whole ‘likes to dig and bark’ and one owner who said that their dog liked to ‘tear things up’. hmmmm
      I think many dogs have health issues. Our Australian Silky developed minor health issues once he passed 10 years of age as well.


  4. My small thing this morning is an amusing email from a friend who “had been intending” to support my Pozible campaign but “missed the deadline”. It’s kind of funny because he likes to talk big but rarely delivers 🙂

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