This stopped me in my tracks

Sometimes we find something that helps us at the times in our lives when we most need it.
It may be something that someone says, something we have read or something that has happened.
Whatever it is, it makes an impact upon us and provides us with that ‘aha’ moment that Oprah talks about.Today, I was listening to a webinar as part of my studies and something that the presenter said resonated with me so much that I had to write it down.
I can’t remember the exact words but basically paraphrased it boils down to this:

“When fear is at its most loudest and recognisable, it is then that the most is to be gained from faith”

When things in life get so tough that we are having anxiety attacks, doubting our abilities and ourselves and the black cloud is beginning to envelop us we have the choice; we can either go with the flow and allow these things to occur or we can step out in faith and attempt to solve the issues.
I often say that we have no control over many of the events in our life however we can control our reaction to these events and I believe that that what was said by the presenter ties in with this notion.
We can choose to drown in the bucket of milk or we can swim around and around until we make butter.
We can allow fear to envelop us or step out in faith that we are going to come through what is causing issues for us as better, stronger people.

Before the athiests reading this switch off when I mention faith, I want to clarify what faith is. The Oxford Dictionary defines faith as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something” whilst the Bible (Hebrews 11:1) defines it as “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen”.
My definition of faith is an amalgamation of the two and I believe that faith is to have complete trust or confidence in what I hope and dream for myself. When I believe in faith that I am able to overcome things, then it gives me the ability to do this.
All great achievers had times of self doubt but they never allowed their fear of failure to cloud their dream. Did you know that Colonel Sanders was knocked back 1001 times by restaurants and food stores across the country before someone took a chance on trying his recipe?

I know that when I am fearful, I lose sight of my faith in myself and my abilities to get through things.
So many events of the past 6 months or so have seen me sink into uncertainty. I have feared the worst. I still fear for the future in many ways. I feel lost and unsure of what the comingΒ  year may hold.
Hearing the words spoken by the presenter today has reminded me that no matter how dark it seems, my faith in myself and my dreams for the future will get me through.
I know that one day I will be able to look back upon this time and be grateful that on a hot, steamy day in December someone spoke the words that reminded me of what can be achieved by overcoming fear.


46 thoughts on “This stopped me in my tracks

  1. Wishing you well for the year ahead…. This one has certainly tested you and your faith in yourself!
    Always enjoy your blogs – something to make me think. Thanks for this one too!


  2. Nice post Sue. I’m happy that you learn to control your fear, it makes it more easy to live in the moments.
    I wish you a new and positive year for you and your family. This one has been testing you a lot.
    Wish you all the best ❀

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  3. I am not fear
    Fear does not define me
    I am what is feared

    When the time comes
    I will do what is needed to be done
    Or I will not, and cease to be

    So long as I exist
    I am

    As I am, so I am feared
    With each breath I step
    Into the abyss
    Redefining what is to be feared

    Breathe in, breathe out
    I have outlived another
    Fear cannot follow me
    I am
    So long as I exist
    I define who and what
    I am to me
    I am not fear
    I am feared
    Fear cannot follow me

    Breathe in
    Breathe out
    I am life
    I walk where I want to be

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    1. Thank you.
      I really did enjoy that poem. Was it one that you wrote.
      I agree that fear does not define me and as we step forward each day that which we feared and was unknown becomes known and has less to be feared. (I hope that makes sense to you because in my head it makes sense). πŸ™‚


  4. Interesting post Suz. Fear actually is related to faith in that it is the faith that someone or something is capable of damaging or destroying you. Whereas love is the faith that all will be positive (from a source, say God, parents, best friend, spouse, etc) or in your best interests. Fear and Love are two sides of the same coin – the coin of Faith.

    There is a depth there that seems to be at least primal. And coming forward (from primal) affects so much of our lives that it is impossible to predict. I would say that the love/fear coin of faith is one of the primary inherent building blocks of a human being. So, that means that directing that would be a very powerful tool indeed. I do believe that this is also a point at which God hooks into humans – becomes a part of who we are, if we so choose.

    Great post. thanks Suz…

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    1. I don’t actually believe that fear is the faith that something is going to harm me. I think that is more a belief iykwim.
      I think of fear and faith are opposites like sun and moon.
      Whilst faith can be good, it can also be bad e.g. I may have a deep faith that the sun will never shine again.
      I can see where you are coming from but as I said, I believe that rather than it being two sides to one coin, they are in fact two different coins (so to speak).


  5. Hold on Suz – you have such a way with words that encourages others even through the dark times. I can surely understand some of your doubts and fears. This year has been a tough one. You are loved xx

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    1. Thank you Mona.
      If you meant by accepting fear that I acknowledge that I do have it then you are 100% right. I am trying to teach myself to look at the reasons for the fear and to work on solutions. It’s not easy though.


      1. Yes. that is what I’m saying. It takes courage to acknowledge the fear — you get a badge for courage. And then it takes guts to look for reasons and solutions. But not to acknowledge the fear in the first place leads to much worse results.

        It’s an oxymoron, I think, but it’s true. The only way to get rid of fear is to accept it and then work on it.


      1. It is. His book The Measure Of Our Days is also great. I found them when I was doing Pastoral Care and wanted to be able to serve the patients better, and gain help and understanding in situations where people were not going to “get well”


  6. As an atheist, I was wondering where you were going with this, but I continued to read and I like where you took it. I have faith in a lot of things. In myself, in my family, in my ability to do a good job. I have faith that tomorrow will be another day. I have faith — for the most part — in human nature. Excellent post with some good insights.

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      1. Aww you’re welcome πŸ™‚ I think you are not giving yourself enough credit though. Just to be able to say these words and convey the truth that you really feel them is a wonderful thing! Truly! I even emailed your post to one of my friends. πŸ™‚

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  7. I was JUST thinking on my tram ride this morning that my pain (and fear) has created some really rich meaning in my life. Sometimes fear is instrumental in summoning courage – in digging deep down to find our inner hero, the godly one that carries us through dark winters. Thank you, as always, for your insight Suz!

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  8. Have you watched the movie, Catch Me If You Can? If you haven’t you should. There’s a line in it that is repeated 3 times during the movie that I think will interest you. πŸ˜€

    They say great minds think alike. ❀


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