Christmas Traditions

Yesterday I had a conversation with the First Born.
Earlier this year, she and one of my nieces were having a chat at the wedding of another niece and the topic got around to Christmas.
The girls began discussing the family Christmas get togethers at Grandma and Grandad’s home when they were little and how much they missed it now that my parents have moved away. It was then that my First Born had a brainwave “Why don’t we have Christmas at Mum’s place this year”? Fortified by a glass of wine, my niece smiled sweetly at me and said “What a great idea” whilst her eyes dared me to say anything to the contrary.
I agreed as long as the girls worked it all out between themselves. Up until last week nothing had been agreed upon apart from the fact that it was to be at our place. lol
And so we come back to yesterday’s conversation. I was expressing concern over just how many people we were going to be hosting and allowing my anxiety to break through into my voice and comments. My daughter stopped me by saying “Mum, we just want our kids to have the same experiences that we did when we were little”. I realised that my anxiety needed to be reigned in.

After our call, I began to think about our family Christmas traditions that have evolved over the years and realised just how important they are to the children even though they aren’t little any more.
I know that the Son loves our Christmas morning breakfast. We always eat the same thing; Croissants with ham (off the bone) and cheese melted over the top with a side of hash browns, eggs and tomato and fried onion served on good plates with our drinks served in champagne flutes. I didn’t realise how important our breakfast was to the Teen as well until she commented that she hoped that none of our visitors arrived early and would expect to eat breakfast with us. lol
To her, our breakfast is an important Christmas tradition for her also.
It’s right up there presents around the tree first thing in the morning.

On Christmas Eve we always read “The Night Before Christmas” by candlelight. This has been replaced by “An Aussie Night Before Christmas” over the years after I lost my copy of the original book. Sadly this year, we have no grandchildren coming over to share Christmas Eve with but we think we will go to them instead. I’m sure the Teen will pack the book. 🙂

As I think of the traditions that arise at this time of year, I want to share a tradition that I remember from my childhood. This Santa and his sleigh always sat empty in a prominent place within our home. Each Christmas Eve we would go to bed and it would be empty but upon waking on Christmas Morning we would find that Santa had filled it with chocolates and lollies for us. Santa and his sleigh have come to live at my place now but he remains empty of chocolates or lollies and instead has a sleigh filled with memories.
033I have discovered that Smudge (the Diva) also loves Christmas in her own way. We are blessed that she isn’t a cat who likes to destroy the tree (although I have come across a few ornaments swinging suspiciously). She loves wrapping paper though and has torn the tags from a couple of the gifts underneath the tree so yesterday I gave her a piece of paper she can chew and tear to her heart’s content.
Interestingly, she has found a new sleeping place though and each morning I find her curled up in the same place.
024She is quite at home beneath the tree and on the train tracks that run around it. Perhaps she is creating her own traditions.

In closing I want to leave you with a Christmas song that brings back a lot of memories for me. Each year, my stepfather would play the same Christmas albums and this song to me is synonymous with Christmas.
I have decided to share a Christmas carol or song each day until the day itself. I hope you enjoy them Laurie.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Our family traditions are fairly low key. Croissants for breakfast is right up there though but ours are always pain au chocolate. When the boys were little they had Christmas stockings with their names on (ones I made) and late on Christmas Eve we filled them with fruit, sweets and little puzzles to keep them from waking us at the crack of dawn,


    1. Oh we had Santa sacks as children and so my children had them also. They were great and although the kids would wake at the crack of dawn they would spend at least an hour or two going through the sack and playing with the contents before bothering me. lol


  2. Having lived my life from glorious Christmas to equally glorious Christmas, I vibrate to the desire to maintain traditions. This year we’ll have to establish new ones, since everything has changed. There will just be us 4 adults in the temporary home of my daughter and her husband. But I think I’ll still hear the reindeer on the roof. The music does it.

    My granddaughter will be leaving her wonderful experience in New Zealand to move on to Australia in the New Year. For Christmas we will be together by Skype — so I guess there are really 5 adults present.

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    1. I hope your granddaughter enjoys her Australian experience. She has chosen the hottest time of the year to visit so I hope she copes okay with the heat in certain parts of the country.
      I think that Christmas evolves as we age. I hope never to lose the joy that I feel on Christmas morning.


  3. A beautiful Christmas post Sue, great idea of the kids to reinstate the old traditions.
    Wishing you all a great Christmas, it will be filled with lots of love and happiness obviously.
    Enjoyed the video, never knew Gene Autry was a singer.
    Kind regards


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