Eyes of Judgement – by Sue Jones

Life is too short to find fault with others when we should be looking within

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Eyes of Judgement

I see you looking at me with judgement in your eyes.

I don’t mind you looking at me, but must you show your feelings so plainly on your face?
What is it this time that you are finding to criticize?
Is it the way that I am dressed or is it the way that I walk? Maybe it is my children that have caught your eye.
Is it my hair? Or maybe it is my piercings and body art?
Does my weight bother you? Am I too fat or far too skinny to be deemed appropriate?
Do you find me different in some way?
Not fitting into the conventions of your kind of ‘normal’.

You don’t know my story any more than I know yours.

We are two strangers on a crowded street pushed along in a sea of others that are also different in some way or another.

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2 thoughts on “Eyes of Judgement – by Sue Jones

  1. Great informative post Sue, enjoyed finding out about your quails and birds and the other assortments that make up your world, such as the garden gnome and the tween.
    Your lifestyle is certainly a kaleidoscope of color.
    Wishing you a beautiful Christmas Sue.

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