Please world, no more

Yesterday morning the Teen turned on the television and sat glued to it. Nothing strange about that in itself but this time she wasn’t watching Dance Moms or Channel V.
No. What was playing out was a real-time, real life situation in the heart of Sydney.
A place we visited not more than a few months ago.
In the midst of preparing my juices for the day, I wandered over to the TV to have a look. At that time they showed an image of two woman hostages with their faces pressed against the window of the Lindt store. The fear on their faces made me cry.
I had to walk away.
Thankfully, family issues forced us away from the news coverage for the rest of the day as I couldn’t stand watching it but the Teen and the GG did.
When we got home, I looked at FB to find the feed filled confusion, hate, racism and armchair experts. Since I already had a headache, I shut it down and took my headache to bed only to awake this morning to more hate, racism and further opinions from armchair experts.
This has caused my heart to ache even further.
I was involved in an armed hold up once. It was frightening and impacted my life in such a way that I can still see it in my minds eye as if it only occurred yesterday. I shudder to think what is going on now in the minds of those who came through the hostage drama yesterday with their lives.
I don’t want to listen to some ‘expert’ brought in by the news crews to speak on this. I don’t want to know if the police could have handled it any differently.
What I do want to know is whether these people are receiving the expert assistance that they require right now?
Are they being told that they are loved?
Is there someone to sit beside them and hold them when they wake in the night trembling and crying from the images that haunt their sleep as well as their waking hours?
Have the news crews forgotten that these are real people who have suffered an incredibly frightening experience?

Sadly, the world’s media are going to focus on the gunman/hostage taker and what he stood for. They are going to delve into his police record and query why he was out on the streets. They will look at his religion and political leanings. They are going to look for a scapegoat. Someone or something to blame.
It is telling that there was only one reporter I saw on Channel 7 yesterday who said “I have no idea what the poor people inside are going through. I feel for them.”
And what about those not directly involved but who are still impacted by it?
The perpetrator of this crime has a family. Are they receiving the assistance that they require? I have seen calls on social media for his family to be killed along with him!
Is that really the society that we have now? That we have lost the capacity for human kindness and decency?

There are no winners in the situation that occurred yesterday.
Not the victims. Not the emergency service personnel. Not politicians. Not the families of the victims. Not the perpetrator.

I think people forget that we are all human beings and that we all have the same coloured blood running through our veins.
I pray for compassion in this crazy world.


37 thoughts on “Please world, no more

    1. I wish I could hold each and every one of those hostages that were released and let them know that the world is still a beautiful place. Sadly, they won’t feel that way for a little while.


  1. Oh yes – the media in the States focuses on the negative of the world, passing over all the good things and people. Media stinks everywhere. Hope you feel better.


  2. Gosh, I wish I had something other than what a great post, but I didn’t know about it until late last night when my son said something. I wish the world were more compassionate, and the news media would actually listen to what they are saying, and stop over analyzing each and every movement, or motive.


    1. The media got it so wrong so many times because of their constant ‘live’ coverage and replays of different things.
      Perhaps the most human thing I saw last night was a replay of the Morning show hosts when they were told the name of the victims and one of them realised that she knew one of them.


    1. I will watch some of it but it becomes repetitive and then you are only hearing and seeing what they want you to hear and see. Sadly this often isn’t the real story.
      We ended up switching stations and watched Mountain Monsters instead. Now there’s reality television at its finest rofl 😉

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  3. I rarely know what’s going on anywhere in the world. I turn a blind eye away from CNN and even the local stations when they have the nightly news show. When I read something like what you have posted here, Suzanne, I have to admit that I feel guilty about my aloofness to what is going on in the real world. I seriously doubt that I’m in a position to anything about these awful situations, but I should be more informed so that if there’s ever a time I can help, I have some sort of background to rely on.

    The media is just giving out what most people want. It is, indeed, sad but true.

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    1. I understand why you turn away from the tv and the news Glynis. It’s a self preservation thing.
      Being here in Australia, there was no escaping the news coverage unfortunately.


  4. Today I woke up a day after this incident with tears cried and an ache in my heart. But for the family of those victims and those that survived now live their lives through the event . . While watching my thoughts turned to those that werè waiting anxiously, the loved ones of the hostages ,who had no true idea of what was happening inside and then the gunshots rang out. This touched closer to home than I imagined it would. The deceased hero was the brother of my daughter’s friend. No longer just a hostage, Although I don’t have close contact with the family now ( my daughter as an adult sees her friends on her own) I still remember his kindness to my daughter when she was playing at their house . despite him being considerably older my daughter recalls he still made time for them. I cannot even begin to imagine where his mums head is right now. My heart is heavy on so many levels right now.

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    1. Oh Kerrie-Ann, my heart bleeds for you, your daughter and the family of this brave man. Knowing that he died a hero is little comfort to a family mourning his loss.
      To say that the nation mourns along with them is also little comfort. Their loss is real and tangible and will be felt for a very long time.
      The whole situation was terrible and those in the media and on social media are doing little to help.
      I have no words other than “I’m so sorry”.


  5. Oh Suz, this is so powerful. The extent to which we head straight to hatred and violence and avoid the love and care of which you speak. I recognize and appreciate your need to avoid the news. You may know by now my new mental health rule — no upsetting news after midday. It helps, and I’m still aware and hurt by the cruelty that seems to be growing like a virus among us.

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    1. Unfortunately the hate and cruelty continue to grow.
      You know in the wake of this happening, there was a woman who began #illridewithyou for men and women who were in religious garb and were scared for their personal safety. Whilst it is a wonderful thing to begin, the personal blog of the woman who began it is full of hate and bile spewed toward those who are Caucasian. It begs the question about what this woman hoped to gain.
      I don’t know. Call me cynical in my old age.


      1. Cynicism is hard to avoid. I find I have to think like I’m getting a God’s eye view of the world. Time will tell what’s really happening. I know it’s not such a biggy in Australia, but I remember the Cuban missile crisis when I feared for my children. Now look what the Pope has managed to encourage.

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