Thursday’s Blessings

I had a whole post typed out and just about to hit the publish button and I changed my mind. Woman’s prerogative and all that. 😀
Being so close to Christmas my days are filled with cleaning (we are going to have a full house) and planning. The bulk of the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. Thank goodness I have a Teen who loves this job each year. She boasted that she should find a job doing this professionally but I think she still has to learn a bit about only cutting enough paper for what you need and not using too much tape. 😉  Thankfully I picked up paper earlier in the season so had more than enough. (Blessing #1)
Today’s jobs include working out who is bringing what to Christmas lunch and then filling in the gaps ourselves before doing the grocery shopping today. I’ve been sitting on the computer and reading blogs and not got much done this morning so far and I still have to go and make my juices for the day.
The Garden Gnome has been busy with the pool as we have been keeping the cover on it to slow down evaporation but unfortunately the combination of the heat and humidity has left us with a green mess. He has been back and forth to the pool shop to try and fix the problem with the minimal of cost. No pool on Christmas Day is going to mean we have unhappy campers! lol Fingers crossed on that one.

There is not really much going on in my world at the moment that is interesting to share and I’m struggling to find the blessings and beauty in the days right now (especially after my phone call with the bank yesterday). I enjoyed myself a little by becoming involved in a discussion on a newspaper’s FB page about one of the aspects of our country’s current budget yesterday but when someone resorted to name calling and told me I lacked compassion in response to one of my comments I got my dander up a bit and had to walk away.

So I thought I might have a go at a list of blessings for this week.

  • My juicer blew up a couple of days ago. This would ordinarily not be counted as a blessing but Aldi had a juicer on special and meant I could replace it relatively cheaply. The feed chute on this one is much bigger. It is also much quieter than the old one. So all round, the old one blowing up was a blessing.
  • Apart from the large bag of lollies that I ate last week that resulted in some weight gain (and my face breaking out), I am still losing weight. 🙂
  • There is a nice breeze blowing in the front window right now to balance out the heat and humidity of the moment
  • We have ceiling fans that work really well (and aircon when it gets too much for the ceiling fans to handle)
  • Snapfish have been having crazy Christmas sales on that enabled me to get a canvas print of the flowers from Suzanne’s casket for my wall at 70% off. I also got a couple of gifts made up.
  • The Teen is a beautiful young lady who is happy to help out with things such as putting up lights and decorations and baking
  • I was able to purchase some cheap face washers the other day to personalise for Angels for the Forgotten
  • The Garden Gnome and I celebrated 19 years together last weekend and I forgot our anniversary even after reminding him of it earlier in the week. Thank heavens for supermarkets open on a Saturday.
  • I have sourced a couple of simple free patterns for cloth dolls that I can’t wait to try sewing once the Christmas rush is over and done with
  • A friend of the GG’s came around last night with the business card of someone in relation to employment
  • We have had rain and the grass that was quite brown last week is now a luscious green. The sounds of lawnmowers all over the neighbourhood brings back childhood memories of summer.
  • Ants are on the move and invading the house. The blessing is that this generally means more rain is coming.
  • We have a cat who is not interested in destroying the Christmas tree. My FB feed has been filled with naughty cats lately and although our Diva can be naughty, she hasn’t done more than attempt to chew the end off a branch.

I think that’s about all I can think of right now.
What about you? Any blessings to share with us all?


21 thoughts on “Thursday’s Blessings

  1. Happy 19th anniversary to you and the Garden Gnome! And what I’m grateful for: right now, it’s bloggers like you I have to say. I am just always amazed at how lucky we are to be able to read about so many people’s lives…it’s truly amazing we can connect like this, living so far away from each other!

    Wow a pool on Christmas! I hope it get’s cleared up. I grew up with a pool with a tree overhead…it was always a mess with the leaves and foliage falling into it. They’re hard to take care of.

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    1. I hope the pool clears also as the older kids and grandchildren are relying on it. It is meant to be quite a warm day apparently.
      Thanks for your kind words Jami. I am always amazed at the similarities and differences of the blogs I read on WP.


  2. Thank you for sharing this Suzanne. I loved reading your list of blessings.

    We have had a lot of rain the last few days, which has melted a lot of snow. Our sump pump is running away, and the power is on, so our basement is dry. 🙂

    Happy anniversary my friend! 🙂


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  3. Well #1, my sincere apologies that your juicer blew up. Yikes! I love my juicer lol. I’m thankful for a husband who loves me so much that he changed our living circumstances this last year just for me even though he gave up part of his dream to do it.

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    1. That is such a huge blessing to have Laura and I know how much it has impacted on your life. You are truly blessed.
      As to the juicer; I had been complaining about it’s narrow chute and other shortcomings for a while but couldn’t justify the expense of getting another juicer. That is why it was a blessing that it blew up. I now have a great juicer that is better. lol

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        1. Nah. The centrifugal ones tend to mix the juice better and mine still separate and require stirring before drinking after I get it from the fridge. She’d better hope she likes juice then. lol


  4. I hope that counting blessings helped you, I know it helps me every day. Today is a bad migraine day so I am grateful for my iPad,cats, a cozy bed, and the best husband in the world. Congratulations on your anniversary. A life partner can make such a difference in a life. On days when I get stuck trying to come up with blessings I think of something Pema Chodrun said about the wonders of modern plumbing! It sounds like you have many blessings in store for the holidays. I’m sure there will be some difficult times, but I hope you can find solace in the wonderful people you have so generously shared with us. Peace.

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    1. Thank you Jeanette. I had a migraine earlier in the week and have also had a couple of (what I call) ‘storm’ heads since them also. I get them when storms are coming. I wonder if it is something to do with the drop in barometric pressure.
      Yes, I have much to be thankful for although I sometimes forget that. Thanks for your lovely words.


    1. I would hope so although after the conversation I had with my daughter in law yesterday after I asked if she would pick up some Coke for Christmas Day I have fears for my sanity. lol


  5. A great list there. From chilly old England, even in the middle of a very mild winter, I’d be adding weather that would even make me consider a pool on Christmas Day a huge blessing. In fact owning a pool or having need of one outdoors would be amazing. Mind you, with everything comes responsibility and problems I guess. Hope you get your Christmas Day dip 🙂

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    1. They are predicting quite a warm day for Christmas Day Marie so my family are hoping for some fun in the pool. lol
      Yes, the pool is a lot of work for the Garden Gnome and he often threatens to fill it in and turn it into a garden. lol

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