The cat meows….

…. and my world returns to normal.

The past week has been a whirlwind of chaos including shopping, baking, food preparation, cleaning, visiting and a constant stream of visitors through our door.
I have ached for it all to return to normal.
And today it did.
Once the cat meowed, I realised that my crazy family was entirely back to normal.
One of the gifts that the Garden Gnome received for Christmas was a Nerf gun. The teen didn’t understand this choice of gift when I purchased it however she didn’t know that under the tree was a Nerf bow and arrow with her name on it. I didn’t think it was fair that there would only be one armed combatant within our home and so the GG was gifted with one for Christmas.

About an hour or so ago, the GG sneaked out of the bedroom and fired a nerf missile at the Teen. This was followed rapidly with two more shots at her retreating back as she dived into her bedroom for the bow and arrow beside her bed.
She emerged from her room fully loaded and with the bow aimed.
Then the cat sat at the Garden Gnome’s feet and meowed. We all stopped what we were doing and looked wondering what in the world could be wrong with her? (She doesn’t usually meow unless she wants to be fed or have her litter changed).
Was she scared?
The Teen took this opportunity of her father’s lapse in concentration to let loose with her bow and we then laughed hysterically as the cat scampered off after the errant missile. The Garden Gnome obliged her and fired another shot in her general direction.
The Diva caught this one and tossed it up into the air.
This scenario played out for the next quarter of an hour or so until all of the Nerf bullets had disappeared behind curtains, cupboards and the lounge whilst I sat there laughing and enjoying the antics of my crazy family.

It was good to return to normal.
I was happy.
Life is good.
I got up to go about my business.

And found that I couldn’t open the toilet door because all of the balloons left over from my sister-in-law’s birthday celebration had been stuffed in that tiny room.


Only in my home.


20 thoughts on “The cat meows….

  1. Ohhh, that cat looks loaded for bear. Ha! (I just remembered you don’t have bears there. They are so heavy and muscular that it takes a very powerful bullet to kill them. When you go out to the forest with a gun and you are expecting a confrontation wth a bear, you load more powerful ammo. Otherwise, they can take multiple hits and still keep coming. So, when you are prepared to attack the biggest meanest creature out there, it is called ‘loaded for bear’).

    Your story is too funny Suz. Did you know that play has been identified as being associated with positive mental health in both humans ad animals? And the reverse is true as well – lack of play can be an indicator of poor mental health. If you watch the following video, keep in mind that polar bears are one of the most viscious killing machines on the planet and would ususally not hesitate to kill and eat dogs and even humans – except when it comes tile to play…

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    1. My family make me laugh but when the cat was meowing because she wanted to join in it was even funnier.
      The photo in the post was taken on Christmas Day and she was not amused at so many people in the house (or the fact that my son kept teasing her) so yes, she probably looks ‘loaded for bear’. lol


    1. Mine would create hours of boredom because I’m sure that she sleeps for about 22 hours a day. However in that two hours that she is awake, she is sometimes a lot of fun.


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