Gratitude for the things we overlook

This morning as I browsed my FB feed, I came across a meditation by Louise Hay. I thought I’d listen to it and see what it was like.
As far as meditations goes, it wasn’t too bad however what really caught my attention was the general focus of her words.
For those that are not aware of Louise Hay, she is very driven by gratitude. This is one of her teachings that I have readily adopted and I strive to incorporate into my daily life.
As I listened to Louise’s words this morning, she reminded me of the little things that we often overlook in life that we should have incredible gratitude for.
You know the little things such as breathing or our heart beating.
Louise spoke about the miracle that life is and how as we sit reading, talking or just living our lives there is so much going on within us that we take for granted. There is blood coursing through our bodies that gives us life, our lungs are moving in and out as we inhale and exhale, our food is digesting in order to nourish us….. I could go on but you get the picture.
What about our feet? We get out of bed each morning and know that our feet will carry us to wherever we need to go. We just know that our fingers will do what we want them to do whether it is grasping, scratching, typing or any of the other multitude uses that they have.
We are living, breathing miracles.

Louise then went on to remind those listening to the meditation of other little things that we take for granted such as electricity and plumbing. Imagine life today without them?
What about our ability to just pick up the telephone to talk with people anywhere in the world? There are so many things we use the phone for. We speak with loved ones to reassure us that they are well and healthy. We relay bad news. We deal with companies and agencies that assist in making our lives more bearable to live day by day. It is only when we are without a telephone that we realise the importance that it has in our lives.

Do we overlook that we have stoves and ovens to cook our meals? Or that we have a refrigerator that prolongs the life of our food?
What about the fact that we sleep on comfortable beds with pillows to cushion our heads?
We have toothbrushes, makeup, hair brushes and even clothes to wear. We can dress to suit the season and many of us in this day and age own more than one pair of shoes to keep our feet warm or safe from things that may damage them. We can dress to look and feel good rather than just for necessity.

We drive cars, catch buses or trains or get into thin metal tubes that take us far, far away through the skies above.
We walk and run.
We move.
We are no longer confined to one place or area.

The wind blows.
The sun shines. The rain falls.

There are so many things in our daily lives that we take for granted because they just are.
They are there when we need them. They rarely fail us.
We expect them to always be there and so overlook their importance to our daily lives.
We forget to be thankful for what we have.

Gratitude isn’t always about the big things that happen to us in life. It’s about the million, tiny things that make up our every day existence.
We have so much to be thankful for.
I’m so grateful for the reminder of Louise Hay’s meditation this morning for although I am grateful for so many things, I am guilty of taking the little things for granted.

34 thoughts on “Gratitude for the things we overlook

  1. That’s really lovely! Something I try to remember to be grateful for is how much luxury most of us live in. Even when we are poor, most of us are living in more luxury then the finest kings of old ever did. They didn’t have box spring beds and food from all over the world, even when it was out of season. They didn’t have modern health care or telephones of any of it.

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  2. Well said Suz. It amazes me constantly that I can sit here and type this and you can read it almst simultaneously exact;y half a world away. Thank you for the reminder.

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  3. I’m grateful for the special people and great friends I’ve met through doing my blog which allows me to reach all over the world. Without that I’d be isolated much of the time.
    I wish you a Superb New Year full of dreams come true Suz.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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  4. Enlightening post Sue 🙂 We came very close to losing a young member of our family in a horrific near drowning a few days before Christmas. There is a family mourning the lose of their young boy drowned in the Murray river a few days ago. I don’t know why we still have our family member and they don’t but I’m grateful beyond words. I know our lives can be turned upside down in an instant but sometimes we forget this.

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  5. Your reminder via Louise Hay is something that I often forget. I whine about my hip hurting, but I can still walk. I get frustrated when I can’t breathe well due to asthma, but I can still breathe. Oh…there are so many things. Thanks for the reminder Sue. Guess what…I’m God’s gift to the world. 😀

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