It’s written in the stars (apparently)

Kindness that is.

I really had to smile when I read it.
Regardless of whether you believe in astrology or think it’s a load of hoo-ha, you’ve got to smile at it sometimes.
I occasionally check in on a guy called Jonathon Cainer. He is an astrologer based in the U.K. I laugh at his witty predictions and repartee with some who write in to him.
But the other day he nailed it.
On the First of January he quoted from the song “Auld Lang Syne” for my star sign with the words “We’ll take a cup of kindness yet” and then proceeded to talk about not only receiving kindness but to give it.

Sometimes you’ve got to smile at how the universe steps in to remind you of things.


23 thoughts on “It’s written in the stars (apparently)

  1. Well, it sounds like he nailed your horoscope Suz. Capricorns like me tend to get a bad press because we’re supposed to be a bit starchy and uber efficient rather than caring, demonstrative people. I look at Danny Kaye who was born the same day as me ( but not the same year thanks) to see we can’t all be bad. Perhaps our reputation is based on the time of year?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    1. I think if you wanted to go into astrology a little deeper it also depends on the time of day/month etc as to how your stars are defined. I’m supposed to be arrogant and regal but I don’t fit those categories either. lol

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  2. That is so very true Suz – regardless of the delivering medium, it is kindness that is important. Some years ago, I read an article in Canada’s national newspaper (The Globe and Mail) written by a reporter who had been tasked to interview centenarians to try and determine why they had lived so long. One of his questions was : “What did you see as the most important quality in life?” One 104 year old woman said that when she was young she was attracted to looks and physical beauty. A she grew older, she found herself craving money and power. Then that passed as she realized that it was really only kindness that mattered.

    Great post Suz. Thank You.

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    1. Sadly much of the world is run by the younger generations who have still to learn this lesson Paul. We can but attempt to start our own little kindness revolutions I guess.


  3. I read mine every day in the paper. I say – oh good. This will be a great day after all! Then I promptly forget about what I read for the rest of the day! The next morning I start all over again. Lol I
    actually don’t know if anything actually plays out or not. It is fun to read though.

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