Cute Puppies and Terrorist Cats

I have made the decision that my days need to become more structured. I mentioned this the other day I know. However I needed to actually sit down and put together a weekly plan that would be flexible enough to allow for unexpected realities of life yet still get me back on track with my studies.
My mentor spoke with me on Saturday morning and the goal was to have this weekly plan completed by Sunday night.
Yet Sunday (as it generally does in my home) engulfed me with twists and turns that were totally unexpected.
My SIL had stayed the night after she had come into town for an engagement party the night before. We spent time in the morning chatting and laughing and then laughing some more when the Teen decided to test our knowledge of Australian trivia. (Apparently we aren’t as smart as we thought we were). Once she left,Β  the Garden Gnome informed me that he was going out to my aging in-laws home. He was fully aware that I had things that needed to be done (like getting this schedule sorted) here at home so he was happy to leave me behind.
The Teen had made plans with The Son to go letter-box dropping in the afternoon. We have a State Election coming up in the next couple of weeks and my son is very much into politics and is a paid-up member of one of the parties. He is the local rep for organising the campaign and part of his duties is putting leaflets in letterboxes. With the prospect of earning some pocket money high on her agenda, the Teen was a willing helper. There was only one catch; the Son asked if I would puppy-sit as he was concerned that his cats might gang up on the little guy whilst he wasn’t there to referee (or save him from their evil clutches). Yes April, I now have a grand-puppy. His name is Elmo and he is the cutest little thing I have ever seen.

As I was in the midst of packing up all the Christmas decorations and had boxes, bubble wrap and tissue paper everywhere, I figured I may as well add a puppy into the chaos.
At the duly appointed time, the Son rocked up with Elmo and he and the Teen then sat on the floor sorting out the leaflets before they left. The Garden Gnome said his goodbyes and the pup curled up amongst the boxes and went to sleep.
I continued to soldier on.

After the kids left, a switch flicked on inside Elmo’s head that said “Dad’s gone. Let’s party!” He then proceeded to chew the corners of boxes, pull at pieces of string and wool, chew the Christmas Tree, scramble everywhere (slipping on the tiles) and create general mayhem whilst the Diva looked on with very little interest from the top of her cat tree. It was a sticky, humid day and there was no way she was going to move from her perch to investigate the shenanigans of a ball of fluff with legs that obviously posed no threat to her.
Picking up the said ball of fluff and tucking him under my arm, I carried him outside so he could play on the grass. We had just had a shower of rain, so this was of special interest to a curious little mind and kept him amused for some time. He was especially entertained by the wet footprints he left on the concrete when he came in from the grass.

The afternoon wore on and I continued to pack things away interspersed with periods of playing with the pooch and rolling on the floor laughing whilst I was bathed in sloppy kisses from this enthusiastic little fellow.
Eventually the kids came home and Elmo returned home with his Daddy allowing me to finish the job that should have only taken a couple of hours but stretched into most of the day.

Taking a well earned break later, I retired to the lounge (couch) and proceeded to play games on my iPad when my conscience tapped me on the shoulder and said “What about that schedule you’re supposed to have finished”?
So I found a schedule I had printed out earlier and spent time working out how I was going to break up my study (and other commitments such as housework) into the week so that I could make steady progress in order to reach my target of finishing by the end of the year. It took some time, but I finally sorted out the coming week.
It is going to mean that I spend less time on the computer reading blogs though. 😦

Sitting up in bed later that night (reading a text book) my eyes began closing involuntarily and I figured it was time to turn out the lamp and say goodbye to the day. I was in that state where I wasn’t fully asleep yet not entirely awake when I heard someone (or something) rattling the screen to my bedroom window. Sitting bolt upright and grabbing a pillow to my chest (because a pillow is great protection against intruders) I began screaming. The Garden Gnome tore into the bedroom from the loungeroom saying “It’s alright. Everything is okay. You’ve been dreaming.”
I replied “Was it you outside just then”? (Our bedroom looks out onto our patio). He grabbed his torch and went to the other end of the house where he heard the side gates rattle, so he went out to investigate. Coming back in again a couple of minutes later, he informed me he had found wet paw prints below our bedroom window and believes a cat had been on the stool below the window and jumped up, catching its claws in the screen. He then surmised it was the same cat who had scared the wits out of us last week when it banged the aluminium screen outside the Teen’s window as it jumped onto the her windowsill one night. The same cat who had been at the front screen door the previous night.
Still shaking (and with my heart beating out of my chest) I walked to the window and slammed it closed. I don’t care how hot it is at night, I am not going to put myself through that again.
And don’t get me started on what I think about allowing cats to roam at night!!

As I said, life is never boring in my home.



31 thoughts on “Cute Puppies and Terrorist Cats

      1. The comment was funny, not the incident ;)… well yes when you were writing about it, it was funny from an outsiders viewpoint not sitting there in the dark hearing it….. Ok it was all funny πŸ™‚

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  1. First of all, what an adorable dog! Second — that’s the worst time to be awakened – just as you’re falling asleep. Third, it seems like planning to get something specific done in a specific time is a guarantee that something will happen to prevent one’s doing it. Fourth, I admire your flexibility in being able to enjoy playing when it’s taking you away from your planned accomplishment.

    All in all, good work.

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  2. Such a cute little pup. At least you had a fun day! H and I were just saying there is no time to get everything done in a day. Especially when it gets dark so early and is to cold to venture out of the house! I think its because we are getting older. 😦 what do you think?

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    1. Cute. Right up until I had the living daylights scared out of me!! lol
      But yes, Elmo is a little cutie although he has to learn to stop trying to befriend my son’s cats because they are just big meanies.


    1. It is one of my ‘hot’ topics at this point in my life. Since we have so much wildlife in our garden, I keep my cat inside but it is the cats belonging to neighbours that I know sometimes kill some of the birds.


    1. I honestly don’t know how you keep up with your email David. I currently have 360 emails to be read in my inbox and I am steadily working through them. I have to be ruthless and only allow myself a certain amount of time each morning to read, comment and do my own post otherwise nothing gets done.

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      1. It’s so easy to keep up Suz….don’t sleep. I know if I left them until the next day I’d just have twice as much and twice as much stress. It’s OK for me being in so much but I’m on tenterhooks to get home when we do go out anywhere. Plus , I haven’t written anything in such a long time now so there are no distractions to stop me tweeting etc.
        xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  3. Aww…such an adorable grand puppy. It’s kind of like watching a two-year-old, isn’t it? It is nice to read that your schedule is flexible. (I have a problem with that) You laughed and enjoyed yourself! The best strategy to get things done. πŸ™‚

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    1. I think that’s cute because it’s your cat that is jumping on the windowsills. When it is a strange cat in the middle of the night clinging to a screen, it kind of puts a different spin on it. lol


  4. What a cute puppy, although he led you a merry dance. As for cats, don’t even get me started. The cat next door took to coming in through our upstairs bathroom window a few years ago. She even ate the Sunday roast once. Cute little thing but she had a penchant for burglary.

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