This morning’s walk….

I don’t walk much these days. I know that I should.
And I intend to start walking again once school goes back (or one of these days, or….)
But when I do, it will be early (like just after sunrise) and not because I’ve got to drop the car to the dealers for a service later in the morning.
It wasn’t a big walk – just over a kilometre or so back home but it is up a gradual hill.
And it is really, really hot this morning.As I write this the thermometer is sitting at 30°C (86°F). When we (the Teen came along as well) took the car down this morning, it was probably only a little cooler than that. Thank goodness I took my hat and sunglasses!
Since I was walking, I thought I’d take a leaf out of Marie’s book and take photos as I walked home. Now, the truth is, it really is just up one very busy street and then into our estate but it took about 20 minutes.
So, join me on my walk this morning…..

Upon leaving the dealership, I strolled to the corner and took a photo of our busy main road into town. Just down a bit further, you hit all the shops.
002The Teen tried to talk me into getting a smoothie and a hash brown from the Golden Arches but I told her we could make a smoothie at home. She didn’t like the response and then walked off ahead of me up the street (to the left of this photo).
007 004This part of town is much older than other parts and the trees are well established. As we began the climb and the sun beat down upon the back of my neck, I looked forward to reaching the shaded areas of the footpath (sidewalk) and the relative coolness found under the branches.
I didn’t realise just how busy this street is. I drive down it myself all the time but as I don’t live on this street, I was surprised by the number of cars that passed.
As we passed where one of the First Born’s friend’s used to live I was dismayed to notice that since the block was subdivided, the top part has been let go.
006With the recent rain and the humidity, the grass has really taken off. I think the trolley (shopping cart) is from Woolworths. (That’s further down the main road past the Golden Arches). Whoever it was that took it, did well to push the trolley that far back (and uphill).
By now, my clothes were sticking to my back and sweat was running down my neck. Yuk.
I began to take notice of things that I don’t usually pay much attention to when I am driving past in my car; like the mango tree hanging over the fence that the Flying Foxes have been feeding from. They certainly make a mess and the smell of fruit rotting in the sun isn’t particularly pleasant either.
008There were some lovely gardens. A couple of older ladies (I know because I’ve seen them) have old fashioned Gerberas in their gardens that are in flower right now. There are also so many beautiful frangipani trees flowering at the moment. This one shaded the whole path and I had to step out onto the grass in order to take the photo.
009Crows and other birds began calling out. I know that ibises visit one of the homes in the street but they weren’t there this morning. There is also a community of magpies that generally sit on the power lines but they too were absent. No doubt they were hiding in the shade somewhere and conserving their energy.
There were plenty of butterflies though. Many flitting around my head as they crossed my path on their way to wherever it is that butterflies go. This fellow landed on the grass at my feet. I tried terribly hard to get a photo with it’s wings opened but it wouldn’t play along with me.
017Finally reaching the top of the street, we entered the newer estate in which we live. When I say newer as compared to the older homes I had just passed. lol
This beautiful gum housed a number of birds this morning but I loved the contrast of its trunk and branches against the blue of the sky.
018Finally reaching home, I was elated and savoured the cool of the interior once I walked through the door. Stripping off and changing into my swimmers, I headed right outside again and plunged into the pool.
Ahhhh the bliss.
The Teen joined me and we spent a lovely half hour or so cooling off before coming inside and beginning our day.
We are now inside the house, curtains drawn and the fans going flat out.
I think the air conditioner needs to go on. Would you believe the temperature has gone up another degree since I started this post??
Not sure what the expected top is today (yesterday was 38.8°C) but it sure ain’t conducive to study that’s for sure.
I think I’ll get myself a cold drink and my book and curl up under the air con. 🙂

p.s: I’m away this weekend with my kids so I won’t be posting. I have one scheduled but that is all. I’ll be taking lots of photos so I’m sure you will see them when I get back. 🙂

36 thoughts on “This morning’s walk….

  1. Really neat pictures Suz. It’s so nice to see the neighborhoods where others live. It took me a minute when you said “when school goes back” to realize that it is summer there. Here we have about a meter of snow on the ground and although it is -5 C right now, it was -25C with a wind chill of -34 C yesterday. It seems so fun for you to be able to jump in the pool down under. It will be 6 months before we can do that here. Have a great weekend! Oh, tell the teen that she is very pretty from the back – ha! Not much of a compliment but what can I say? (i know, it is not smart to show faces of kids.)

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    1. Yes, we have a little over a week now before school goes back for the year although some teachers are already back at work. My daughter went back to work today for a week of prep and training before the year starts off with the students.
      We have had some horrid, horrid days here. It made it a little difficult whilst I was away because getting out of the car to do do things just killed us. Luckily the place we stayed had ducted air con through the whole unit. 🙂
      Thanks for the Teen’s compliment. I’ll be sure to pass it on. 😀


  2. Thanks for inviting me along Suz though you could have let me cool down in the pool a bit too. Still, now I’m home again perhaps it’s better I didn’t. It’s definitely nippy here.The photographs are great.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    1. I wish that it was cooler here right now I can tell you. However, it isn’t so we make the best of what we have and show immense gratitude for ceiling fans and air conditioning. lol


  3. I LOVE this post and your photos. It’s absolutely fascinating to see other parts of the world that I probably will never see otherwise, and especially the simple sights that blogging friends are used to seeing every day. Mangos! Ibises and flying foxes(well, no picture but how cool that you see them regularly)! Many thanks for this tour of a slice of life! 🙂

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  4. Brought back memories of Beaudesert which I used to visit when I lived in Boonah. Aaah, the heat – the only place where my construction worker husband got heat exhaustion! And yes, I remember the fruit bats and their plunder of mango trees!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not surprised. If he was here right now he would be suffering as well. They say it is the only time in many, many years where the temperature has remained over 35°C for several days in a row. I noticed yesterday that the Rainbow Lorikeets were enjoying the leftovers of the mangoes so I guess everyone is happy. lol


  5. I have to get used to the differences of our climates and also the school schedules we have everytime I read you! In school now out at the end of May for summer break. Temp is 52 degrees and we actually – finally – have some sun! 52 is stll chilly for us in Florida. I have a Frangipangi and its dormant right now. Have to leave it covered under the carport in the winter. Can’t wait for it to bloom again! Lovely pictures Suz! ~ Elle

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  6. Thank you for the walk in your world. 🙂 The road with the hills behind it reminds me of California but the neighborhoods are much more older and established and houses are further apart. Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone did a walk in their town post?

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  7. Thanks for the mention and I’m glad if I inspired you to go for a walk with your camera. People often say it feels like they’re walking with me when they read my posts and now I know why. It was lovely to get a glimpse of your neighbourhood and all the differences with our frosty winter world in Southern England. My mor ing walk today was all ice and frosty flowers. One thing that is exactly the same is father fickle nature of butterflies. I’ve lost count of the number of wasted shots I’ve taken trying to get one in focus 🙂

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  8. Lovely post, Sue. I’m glad you could get a chance for a walk. It’s been so horribly hot lately here in Brisbane. I haven’t been doing much walking at all. Just trying to stop melting really! Thanks for sharing your neighbourhood. 🙂

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