This morning’s walk….

I don’t walk much these days. I know that I should.
And I intend to start walking again once school goes back (or one of these days, or….)
But when I do, it will be early (like just after sunrise) and not because I’ve got to drop the car to the dealers for a service later in the morning.
It wasn’t a big walk – just over a kilometre or so back home but it is up a gradual hill.
And it is really, really hot this morning. Continue reading

Life Makeover – Week 4

Now that I am getting back into the swing of things and working with schedules, I have put these posts onto a weekly schedule as well.
For those who missed Weeks 1-3 you can find them on the sidebar under “Categories”.
What I am doing is working through Cheryl Richardson’s book “Life Makeovers” and asking you to join me for the journey.
So to recap what we have done so far:
* Week 1 – Thought about our accomplishments for the past year and made a list of them. We then gave ourselves a pat on the back. Bet you didn’t realise that you had accomplished so much until you had it in front of you in black and white?
* Week 2 – Looked at our lives and worked out what quality we would like to develop further this year. I stated that I wished to work on my gratitude journal. I confess that I didn’t get much further than purchasing a book and making a few entries. I have now put it into my daily planner that is sitting in front of me so that I remember to do it each day until I no longer need reminding and it becomes a part of my daily routine. Continue reading

Monochrome Madness Week 45

I have been rather lax of late in taking part in this challenge and the truth is that I am still quite time poor for taking photos. I’ve hardly picked up my DSLR at all since before Christmas but I have had my little Canon point and shoot in my handbag and thankfully had it on hand for unexpected photo opportunities.

This week my entry for the MM at Leanne Cole’s blog is an old photo that I took of my daughter’s wedding and found when I was sorting my hard drive. I think it converted to monochrome quite well. Continue reading

Tuesday’s Quote

Today’s quote comes to you courtesy of the delightful Pooh Bear who was such a wise little fellow with such a simplistic view of life.

Pooh-quoteIt really is the little things in life that are important. The little things that make someone else feel special or cause us so much joy that we think that our hearts will explode.
A smile.
A shared joke.
A small act of kindness.
Just the little things. ❤

Cute Puppies and Terrorist Cats

I have made the decision that my days need to become more structured. I mentioned this the other day I know. However I needed to actually sit down and put together a weekly plan that would be flexible enough to allow for unexpected realities of life yet still get me back on track with my studies.
My mentor spoke with me on Saturday morning and the goal was to have this weekly plan completed by Sunday night.
Yet Sunday (as it generally does in my home) engulfed me with twists and turns that were totally unexpected. Continue reading

Appreciating Beauty

Right now I can’t help believing that the world is an ugly place. Okay, maybe not the whole world, but certainly many of the people within it.
As I sat at the computer this morning, I asked myself “What do you find beautiful”?
The answer was flowers.
I love them.
I enjoy buying bunches of flowers to put in a vase on my dining room table to remind me that there is beauty in the world.
I look outside my window and smile at the happy yellow daisies that seem to flower year round and the roses that are now blooming wonderfully after the recent rain. And my heart rejoices that amidst the human misery and suffering, nature is still perfect and beautiful.
Continue reading

Don’t ask someone to help if you don’t like what they say

Many years ago I said to the Garden Gnome “Please don’t ever let me become like xxx”.
It is not that I don’t love this person. In actual fact I adore them but as I interact with this person I see the pain and suffering caused by their choices. Choices that I know that I make as well from time to time.
I don’t want to experience the pain and difficulties that I see my loved one endure on a daily basis. Perhaps that is selfish but it is also a self-preservation instinct I guess.
The Garden Gnome promised me that he would do this for me and I was pleased. Continue reading

Thought for today

I have a little tear-off desk calendar on my computer desk.
Last year, it was one by Louise Hay with her affirmations. I told the Garden Gnome that I would love another like that.
He gifted me with one called “Seize the Day” instead.

Today’s quote is one that I love. I will tear it off tomorrow and then take it to my pin board hanging over the desk so that I can read it again and again.

One of the secrets in life

is to make stepping stones

out of stumbling blocks”

– Jack Penn

Well Jack Penn. You have my gratitude for reminding me that when all is lost, and the darkness appears to prevail, the sun will come up and we will move forward.

On another note, my heart is with those of my readers in France right now. May the anger and anguish you feel right now be healed.