Through my Lens – Life

Life has a habit of catching us off-guard when we least expect it. How we react to circumstances can also sometimes catch us off-guard.
And that is how my week began last Monday.
Suffice to say, the issues that arose were not with me. However I have not escaped unscathed as I have fought all week with the black dog as a result.
However, I am a fighter and I am strong. The dog will not drag me along after him whilst I hang gamely onto its leash in my attempts to reign him in.
I’m a big believer in “I am” statements and I am using these to their full effect right now.
I am also a big believer in gratitude and I haven’t missed a day of writing in either my Gratitude Journal or my regular journal. There is always something in life to be grateful for.
Yesterday, I was so heartened by a Facebook post from a friend with a photo attached. She had been looking in a drawer for a notebook in which to write a ‘to do’ list for the day and stumbled across something she had written some time ago.
Her page began “My life sucks but I am grateful for these things…”
She then began listing all the little things that make her happy and grateful until she filled the page before writing at the end “I guess my life doesn’t suck so much after all”.
What an amazing testament to the power of gratitude in one’s life!
I smiled as I read it and commented on her post by telling her how much she had made me smile.
I smiled even harder later in the morning after I had lay on the bed beside the Garden Gnome after unburdening my heart and he suggested we just forget all plans we had for the day and go out for a drive.
As part of our drive was a visit to the final resting places of the three brothers I have lost because I miss them very much right now.

Once there I was filled with pride and love as I watched the Garden Gnome and the Teen tidy the plaques and pick up strewn flowers around the resting places of others that they didn’t even know. I listened quietly as the GG spent time standing in the blazing sun chatting with a man who had lost his wife 13 months ago. He said to me later “The poor man was lonely and just needed to talk”.
We finished our afternoon walking along a beach on the Gold Coast. Fresh air, sea spray and the sounds of the waves crashing were exactly what I needed. My heart filled with love and gratitude.

There is much to be grateful for in this life and as I continue cultivating my Attitude of Gratitude and affirming my “I Am” statements I grow bigger than that huge black dog nipping at my heels right now and I am able to reign him closer in and bring him to heel.

So although I am here, I may not be around as much whilst other things take my attention away. I will read and catch up when I can but I have had to delete over 1000 emails containing blog posts from many of you that I follow.
I am also grateful for the love and support of those of you who have emailed me or posted comments asking after me. You are all truly wonderful angels.

This concludes my perspective of life (through the lens of my eyes and heart) and in closing I will share some of my week captured through the lens of my camera.
Blessings to you all.

48 thoughts on “Through my Lens – Life

  1. God bless you and your family. This post put my day in perspective in that our marriage counselor has talked about being grateful for things in our lives. No matter what, there is always something good in our lives, it just isn’t as obvious some days.

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  2. Hi Suze. I lost my little brother when he was 23 and I miss him dearly so I can imagine having three brothers gone must be much worse. I try to visit his grave up north once a year if I can. It is healing. Yes, the Black Dog just hangs about in the background waiting for a chance to overtake. I am so glad you were able to confide in the Garden Gnome and change your plans. It sounds like you really needed it. I tend to be a sponge to the feelings of those around me. I still haven’t discovered that magic switch to shut off my feelings. Thank you for sharing your struggles and also your ways of overcoming the black dog. The support of others and a gratitude diary certainly help. You are a dear lovely woman. Sending hugs and love.

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    1. Hi Jane,
      I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. Having lost three it doesn’t get any easier. Sadly all of them were young. It certainly helped going to visit them and it was one less monkey clinging to my back afterwards.
      Thank you for your gorgeous and heartfelt comment. It truly is appreciated. ❀


  3. Hey Suz. i think I recognized the teen’s ponytail jumping into the surf in one picture. I hope all goes better for you in the coming days. That was so nice of the GG to give you a day to relax , to tidy graves and to chat with the man who lost his wife.You’re in good hands. *HUG*

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  4. Keep on with that Gratitude and let those 1000 emails go.
    While we may not have had the losses you have had (so incredibly sorry) we do understand the need to let some things go.
    Take care, Suz.

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    1. Hi Laurie and thanks so much for your comment. I have had to do another mass delete but I am commenting here and there when I can. As part of dealing with the stuff that life hands out I limit my computer time. It helps to keep busy. πŸ™‚


  5. Suz xox That black dog is a terrible creature when he bothers us.
    Do take care my friend and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    You are amazing you know, you always encourage others no matter your circumstances.
    Thank you xx

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  6. I’m so glad you have the Black Dog at heel and under control Suz. After a bad week he could just as easily been pulling you along behind him. It’s great that GG and the Teen took you out to get your mind off things.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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  7. That black pit is hard to escape once you’ve fallen in. In recent times I’ve done a fair bit of teetering on the edge myself because I remember very well being at the bottom. For me, all the little things I see each day to make me smile are what keep me from falling. Taking pictures of them and posting about them reminds me and, hopefully helps a few others to see their own.

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    1. There is always a way out and I think it becomes easier to climb with practice. I’m working my way out but sometimes letting go of things is what helps. πŸ™‚
      And you are right. It is the little things in life that keep us going.

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  8. Seems life is not smiling kindly on you at the moment Sue.
    Yet after reading your post I could feel a sense of acceptance and contentment.
    Whatever has troubled you, your walking through it with your heart held high.
    Keep going girl, if the old man at the cemetery that your GG spoke too, can keep going, then you Sue can.
    Cheers and keep cool.
    Friggin hot here in Mildura.

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    1. I’m not sure about contentment with the dog Ian but certainly acceptance. It does no good to fight with our emotions. I have learned to run with my emotions and then accept them and move on. Thanks for your thoughts Ian.
      Pretty hot here in Qld right now as well.

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