Emotional Rollercoasters – Part of Linda’s SOCS

This prompt of Linda’s couldn’t have come at a more opportune (if you wish to look at it that way) time as the past couple of weeks has seen my emotions swing to extremes.

As I sat at my computer this morning, I realised that I needed to write a blog post but what to write…. what to write…. and then I found this prompt. Okay, technically it is Sunday where I am but I think I probably squeak into Saturday for those of you on the northern side of the equator.
This past fortnight has been a regular roller coaster that has seen me alternate between tears, elation, laughter, self-loathing, happiness, joy, gratitude, fear, sadness, peace and no feeling at all. Just being.
I question life and why things are thrown at us and then I look outside my window here beside the computer and observe that the butterfly (is it the same one or a different one?) that comes daily is flitting to and fro once more. The butterfly breaks my thoughts of sadness or heightens the feelings of joy that I am feeling.
I like to think it is one of the angel babies we have lost in the past coming to visit. Or maybe it is little Suzanne? I don’t know. I do know that the emotion engendered by watching a butterfly brings me joy and a certainty that there is much beauty in life.

I am doing okay you know. The black dog has been brought to heel and is somewhat behaving himself.
As part of my keeping him at bay, I have distanced myself from blogging and spending time on the computer. When I walk away from the computer (apart from my study), I seem to accomplish so much more in my day.

Ha. My butterfly is back. I read once that a butterfly has such a short life span yet still accomplishes so much in that short time. I wonder if it realises how much joy that it brings me and shou
In this life of ours we too can accomplish much if we allow ourselves to do so. To reign in our emotions and not allow them to control our lives. To feel and acknowledge what it is that we are feeling and then to move on to experiencing the joy of breathing and being in the now.
These emotions are tricky little things really and they carry us on carnival rides of highs and lows yet they let us know that we are alive!
And that is a great blessing.

(My apologies if this has rambled. The whole point of Linda’s SOCS posts is to write as you think without editing. So that is what I have done.
I am hearing movement in my house right now. I guess everyone is awake now so I’m off to be with with them. And make my juice. I can’t make it when they’re sleeping. lol)

Have a blessed day all.

30 thoughts on “Emotional Rollercoasters – Part of Linda’s SOCS

  1. Thank you for sharing from your heart Suzanne. Butterflies are my favourite insect. In Canada thy migrate several thousand kilometers to their wintering grounds in Mexico. Their stamina and determination astounds and inspires.
    Blessings my friend,

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  2. Nice to hear what is on your mind. Thanks for sharing! So many times it is difficult to put our feelings into words. It may be fear or opening up too much, fear that someone will think poorly of us and on and on with a myriad of excuses. Hats off to you Sue!

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  3. I remember reading somewhere that butterflies are guides to encourage you to seek joy and lightness in living. It seems this butterfly has appeared when you need it most – to help lift your spirits at such a hard time. A sign..an angel..whatever…leg the butterfly help guide you to a better place in your mind xxx

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  4. I hate to think of the black dog nipping at your heels and would like to think that all the high spots you’ve has recently have been genuine and not artificial ones brought on by depression. If the blackness can be lifted by spending time away from the computer I’m all for it, but I’m sure that part of your joy comes from the same source.I suspect it’s a difficult balancing act.
    Whatever happens I’m sure you know a tremendous amount of love comes to you from friends worldwide and we’re here as added support when you need it.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    1. You are right that I enjoy writing my blog David but part of my stress lies in trying to keep up with the splendid writing of everyone else as well as studying and trying to be the kind of wife and mother that I think that I should be. It is a balancing act for sure and one that I continue to work on.
      Thanks so much for the hugs and support. ❀

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      1. You must be doing something right Sweetie to be a wife and mother. If you were bad at it they’d have said so by now. Love is a large part of hat success story and I doubt you lack that. Keeping up with other blogs s=is always hard and the best thing to do if you have too many is just to rotate your reading list and in the meantime just ‘Like’ and maybe tweet the rest.
        xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

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  5. There is something so graceful about butterflies. They always remind me to stop what I’m doing at the moment and just watch them. I’m happy to hear you have tamed that black dog. Mine (Hagatha–remember?) has been lurking around, but I’m a bigger adversary these days. It’s constant work, but we can get through the challenges which is life.

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    1. I think Hagatha and my dog just like to stick around and play havoc from time to time. As I said to someone further up, the dog may be in the kennel right now but he hasn’t left the premises at all.
      I know we can beat this girl!

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  6. Glad you can express yourself. It’s wonderful you have that gift. The thing that stuck out to me the most is to not let our emotions take control of us. I’m much more happy in the middle and have to consciously reign in my emotions. The curse of the Greeks! LOL.

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    1. Ha ha Laura. Did I ever tell you that my grandmother found out in her later years that she was adopted and that her father was a Greek merchant seaman? lol Add in to that my Hungarian father and the Scot and Irish blood from my grandfather’s side and I am an emotional wreck rofl

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      1. Oh! I thought you were Greek already. I think you might’ve told me that. Yeah you are a royal mess aren’t you. LOL! When Dave and I visited my family in Greece, I realized that there were more people on this earth like me. πŸ˜›

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  7. I really liked hearing how you think without editing. You do have a way with words and I hope you are doing okay now. Nice that you can get simple joy out of a butterfly at your window which is how it should be πŸ™‚ x

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  8. So good to hear from you and if it takes walking away from the computer, getting outside, breathing fresh air, getting things accomplished to keep the black dog at bay, then keep on!

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