Tuesday Quote – Peace

Funnily enough, this was the quote on my calendar last Tuesday.
It really spoke to me. Although I’m sure that when these words were uttered by John F. Kennedy they were to do with the state of the world at the time, I looked beneath the words and I think that I will choose to apply them to my life.PeaceWorld peace is important for sure but inner peace is that much more important and I think the same principles apply.
It is a daily, weekly, monthly process to develop the peace inside ourselves. We need to change the opinions we have of ourselves and of others. We need to change our opinions of the world at large, the other drivers on the road, the teachers at school, our work colleagues, our bosses…. our fellow man. When we change these opinions, then we begin to erode the old barriers that we had in place to protect ourselves.
Then, we can begin to build new structures within our heart. Structures filled with acceptance, love, tolerance, beauty, gratitude and joy. Structures that are big enough to encompass everyone.
Structures that will lead to inner peace.


31 thoughts on “Tuesday Quote – Peace

  1. I think people that we have trouble with or get into conflicts with are reflecting those same things inside us. That’s about as philosophical as I’ll get for today too.

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  2. You’re right Dear Suz, we do need inner peace and acceptance of ourselves, by ourselves.Some people are happy as they are and often don’t feel the need to undergo the constant changes. It’s usually those that are too infelxible to make he changes we need for the bigger peace.
    I’m sure you’re already well down the road of self acceptance as you couldn’t be kinder.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx Namaste.

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    1. You are such a sweetheart with your comments David. Thank you so much. 🙂
      Funnily enough, I have just finished reading “Conversations with God” and in the last chapter I read “Peace in the world won’t be found until we find peace within ourselves”. It was a confirmation of what I have already learned for myself.

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          1. Guilty but we did stop to visit two friends at Mundoolun otherwise would have let you know. As it was we were racing to get to our B&B on time before dark. I promise next time! Hoping to go out Boonah way to those standy uppy rocks .

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  3. Agree with your thoughts there Sue, I am endeavouring to adopt that thinking in my life, but I cant change my opinion of the bloody arsehole drivers in Mildura, their all bloody blind and over bloody 105, they cant negotiate a bloody roundabout and dont understand that a bloody giveway sign means bloody giveway.
    Enough of my bloody rant for the day, too bloody hot, off to get a cold bloody stubby.
    Hope you had a great Valentines day Princess.

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