Happiness is…..

Joey at Joeyfullystated did a post last week (after she was tagged to do so) about happiness. I loved Joey’s approach to this in breaking it into sections. I also loved the things that make her happy. She sounds like a pretty alright-kind-of lady to me. 🙂
Joey broke her happiness post down into things that bring/brought her joy, bliss, happiness and contentment. I think that this was an awesome idea and so I’m going to follow suit.

In no particular order here is my list:

– Seeing two lines on every single pregnancy test I have ever taken (all 8 of them)
– Holding my newborn babies for the first time
– Holding every single one of my grandchildren for the first time
– Being there for the birth of my last grandchild and watching her come into the world
– Seeing the Garden Gnome for the first time (well I had seen him many times prior to this but never really noticed him before)
– Watching my First Born graduate university
– Being there for the Son’s high school graduation and the Teen’s primary school graduation


– The sound of running water
– Coming home after a big day at work
– Taking my bra off at night
– Putting my pj’s on
– A hot shower at the end of the day
– Laying my head on my pillow
– A good massage
– Travelling the open roads with my family
– Having a camera in my hands
– The quiet of early morning
– Being at home on my own
– Curling up with a good book
– Enjoying my music
– Walking without pain


– Creating with my hands
– Writing
– Helping others
– Being ‘on a roll’ with my study
– Hitting ‘print’ or ‘send’ on my assignments
– Watching my grandchildren in the pool
– Seeing my children all play nicely together (yes, two of them adults but they still need reminders to play nice some days)
– Spending time with my family
– Laughing at the Garden Gnome’s ‘special’ sense of humour
– Being surrounded by beauty – whether it is flowers, old architecture or nature
– Waking up and realising that it’s the weekend
– Compliments from others
– Goodnight kisses
– Affection from the Diva (it’s hard to come by)
– Surprise gifts
– Walking along the beach
– Sewing
– Beating a level on Candy Crush, Farm Heroes or Diamond Digger
– Reading lovely comments on blog posts
– Knowing I am loved
– Learning more about myself and who I really am


– Napping on the lounge (or couch)
– The breeze on my face
– Waking up after a good night’s sleep and great dreams
– Being in our spare room (where I meditate, journal and sew)
– Finishing a blog post
– Sitting inside on a cold winter’s night with a full stomach and surrounded by those I love
– Turning 50 this year
– Being alive
– Listening to the sound of my family laughing and playing together

There really is so much in life to be grateful for and happy about. And whilst I may go off at times about things, I am so very aware of where I am right now.
Life is full of things that disappoint us or make us upset but how we handle them is wholly within ourselves.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to learn and grow.
I choose to be grateful.

And really, you can’t really want too much more can you?

26 thoughts on “Happiness is…..

  1. OOH! I love taking my bra off at the end of the day, too! That’s a really good one!
    So glad you played along, Sue. Gratitude is everything, and I am grateful I can enjoy your writing and pictures. Have a wonderful week 🙂

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    1. Well you know how I feel about gratitude lol
      As to the photos, I’m afraid that until I can afford (or find) another photo editing program I’m pretty much screwed on sharing them right now.


  2. Taking the bra off and putting the PJs on…pure bliss! What a thoughtful and comprehensive list you have put together. I think if more people would do this as an exercise they would realize they could be happy if they stopped focusing on being miserable.

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  3. Okay, now you’ve inspired me—however, I’m going to have to think hard. The difference between Joy, Happiness, Bliss—it’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about those emotions. Let’s see if I can create a list.

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  4. That is one long list and quite a few of the same things would appear on mine. You made me realise that, with so many things to make me happy, there is very little room left for feeling any other way 🙂

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