Create Something Remarkable

No matter our age, our circumstances, our abilities, each of us can create something remarkable with our lives.

– Joseph B. Wirthlin

I have been ‘playing’ in Photoshop now for over 10 years. I don’t just use it for photos. I have created many things within this program and one of my most favourite pastimes was creating art/digital mixed media. I loved the ‘altered’ look and enjoyed experimenting with all things silly; such as wings, tutus, wands and other ephemera.

This morning I located on one of my external hard drives some of my more random digital scrapbook images and found this altered layout of myself using the above quote.



I admit that it made me smile.

The words in the quote are so incredibly true of my own life right now as I strive to create a new tomorrow.
I wish you all the same recognition of the spark of creativity within yourselves.
Let us all go forth and create.

16 thoughts on “Create Something Remarkable

  1. Ha! Love the wings Suz! You bad-assed gurl. (That’s a good thing.) Ya know i really believe the little saying – it is so true. Ad when you do create, it reduces your negative feelings and makes your world as well as the worlds of others a bit better for a while. Love it! Thanks for bringing it to our attention (“our” being your readers – I’m not quite so far gone yet that I’m using the plural for myself – thought that needed explaining – Ha!)

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  2. I find that being creative gives me courage, and reminds me that I have full empowerment to create my life. Your post is such an affirmation of this process.

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