Depression: Overheard this week

Although organisations such as The Black Dog Institute and Beyond Blue conduct extensive advertising programs, there is still so much ignorance out there in relation to depression and anxiety.
(I have grouped anxiety with depression because many of those who suffer depression also suffer from anxiety).
Having suffered depression for a number of years, and talking openly about it with others, it still baffles me the ignorance of people in society at large about these illnesses. Because they are illnesses. They are not a figment of our imaginations or ‘works of the devil’. There are many causes for both.
Not everything has a rational explanation (although there are many in society who would like to have something to blame).
Depression and anxiety are real to those who suffer them.

Following are some real life quotes taken from actual conversations that I have had with others and from the comments sections within newspaper articles on social media. The comments come from a cross section of those who suffer from anxiety and depression and those who have no idea what it is like.
“I can’t talk about it much because people just don’t get it”

“We used to roll our eyes when (a colleague) took time off work for stress and anxiety but now I know what it feels like I’m sorry I ever did that”

The government needs to be more supportive and treat this illness like any other. They subsidise 10 counsellor sessions per year! Then what do we do for the next 10 months???

You say it is harder for men to speak up ! I say it’s hard for men and women to speak up and admit they need help !! It’s not easy for anyone ever!!

“You never really ‘get over’ depression”

“Why do people think we can just ‘get over it’? Would they say that to someone with cancer”?

I have always been a strong person but within the last 7 years something happened to change that and now I have anxiety and depression and deal with it on a daily basis..Since been diagnosed some people treat you like you have the plague or something. I think they are scared to talk to me just in case they set me off. People with depression need you to treat them as you did before as that can make them worse. I am almost the same person as before just sometimes a little quieter. Be there and listen to them you just don’t know that by you listening helps get them through another day…

But you can change your life style and therefore get rid of anxiety and therefore it’s treatable! It is treatable!

“They tell you to exercise and they are right. I feel great when I exercise. But what happens when my brain is telling me that I will be safer just laying on the lounge”?

I’ve got anxiety and it’s hard to keep it under control because I’m living in a society with people who are either psychopaths or sociopaths – and they are both two tough crowds to talk to with zero empathy.

There needs to be a massive education campaign on both anxiety and stress. Their attributes, the seriousness of each and their relationship to depression. As a former sufferer I know from experience how important this is.

I’m always baffled at how dismissive people are when you say you have it, like you’ve just got a headache!!!

I had a doctor (ex boyfriend) mock me when I spoke about anxiety. He thought it was a crock. What hope do the rest of us have when a doctor does not believe in it???

it’s a creation of your circumstances adherent to the system, no such thing exists. They just want big pharma to sell more pills

The cure is worse than the disease.The disease is growing because of our Laws and Politicians. Our way of life is full of fear, if you can’t see it take your blinders off.

Dont agree with any pschology its a creation of the left. If people treated each other with more consideration and love world might be a better place

Its a mental illness now? Cool, psychologists and psychiatrists everywhere are planning their next overseas holiday. No doubt Big Pharma will release a mind altering drug to help people deal with this illness.(in response to an article about Anxiety being labelled as a mental illness)

It’s basically a result of the. “It’s not my fault generation’. It’s somebody else’s fault

NO depression or mental illness for those who trust the Lord


There is still so much to be learned.
I shake my head.

34 thoughts on “Depression: Overheard this week

  1. Aaaaaaaarrrrrgghhhhh! I’ve heard or read all of these, too, and the ignorant/cruel side just makes me sick. I’m glad you gathered all these quotes – it’s important to know what we’re up against.

    When my husband was first diagnosed with major depression, anxiety, and panic, his first psychiatrist counselled us that there was no point even trying medication because none of it works, anyway. So the quote about “denial” doctors really got to me.

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    1. I really don’t like how doctors will either push medication as the only way or deny that a problem exists at all. Of course there are some wonderful doctors out there as well who truly do care and take a holistic approach.

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  2. I do shake my head as well Suzanne. It is so difficult to speak up, when there is such a stigma towards depression and anxiety generally in society. Not everyone is that way, and I am so thankful to those who work tirelessly in advocacy and awareness to break the stigmas.

    That includes you my friend, thank you for sharing! 🙂


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    1. I was watching a television reality show the other night and was really amazed to hear one of the celebs open up and talk about his depression and anxiety and how he overcame it. There should be more television like this.
      Thanks for reading and commenting Carl.

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  3. I do so agree. I’ve never been depressed, but I’ve not thought it was in anyone’s head. I’ve battled anxiety pretty hard, so I sure never thought that was in my head!
    I agree lifestyle changes can make a huge difference for the better. But clinical help can be a real necessity — therapies, medications…
    But you know what? Acceptance, compassion, understanding, and support are all good medicine for any illness. Don’t see why mental health can’t get the same treatment there!

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    1. Different things work for different people Joey but it would make life so much easier for sufferers if they didn’t feel ashamed of what they are going through. It’s quite sad really.


  4. Agreed! I have dealt with depression and anxiety most of my life and am currently transitioning medications. Again. Those never affected by this problem simply do not understand. You must live the dues to truly understand this.

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    1. Most definitely. My son is transitioning medications right now (wrong diagnosis initially) and he is struggling with the side effects but we can already see a change in his demeanour and outlook on life.
      I wish you luck in your transition John and hope it goes smoothly.

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  5. You’re right about people’s ignorance. I think that if they’ve never experienced it themselves, then they can’t fully understand and most likely many never will. They should be thankful that they don’t understand. No one should have to deal with such a tormenting condition.

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    1. I think it is wonderful that there are organisations fighting to raise awareness but they shouldn’t have to fight for it. People are so unaccepting of things in this day and age and it truly is sad.


  6. well I have just come from my psychologist,and I feel a little more in control .and Sis it is 8 sessions a year not 10.


  7. You are right Sue. Some people are open-minded and maybe more easy to reach this way, but too many choose not to see, what is going on in our world.
    A friend of mine just visited North Ireland where she lived as an expat 10 years ago. She told me that people there don’t know anything about the world, but who did win in a competition in a TV program, all knew that. Really sad, but it shows how important it is to get the knowledge out about mental illness too.
    There is a reason that you did not receive my answers about depression yet Sue, have been down and without abundance for much more than surviving for a longer time. On the way up again and will answer you, when I can.
    Good your son is on the right way.

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    1. Irene, there is no need to rush with the questions. Many of those who were helping me have pulled out and with my study I have put the idea on the backburner just for now.
      I’m sorry you’ve been having a difficult time of it. It is difficult at times but I know you are strong person and so very creative. I know you will come through this.

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  8. The last couple of weeks, I have been fighting hard to not let that black dog run me down. What I find hard to deal with while trying to recover is feeling like a failure when I can’t just choose happiness. Jokes about any sort of mental illness make me cry–I try looking at them as intended–a joke, but depression isn’t funny. Neither is anxiety. One doesn’t have to have cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis….and on and on….to understand that they are illnesses. Why does one have to experience depression to understand that it is an illness?

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    1. April dear its a shame that the world is as it is .lots of people just dont understand .My daughter does ,I do a little circle we have does ,so we are blessed to have them. I did a country market today and a woman I hadnt seen before was talking about patchwork ans she showed me her bag ,she told me that 15 years ago someone made 2 bags one for her daughter and one for her ,she pulled up the bottom corner of her bag and there was a 10cent coin in plastic sewed in thenshe said “this is my daughters bag she was killed “and I am great on hugs I put my arms around her and said “from one mum to another who knows your pain “and we both talked about our pain and the depression that followed .and felt good about .It doesnt matter what has caused the depression and it doesnt matter how long youve had it ,the fact is you have it and need help ,talking helps Sis’s blog help.
      find a D friend who you can talk to ,
      Suzannes Mum

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      1. Thank you Mum, your kind words made me smile. Suzanne’s blog is one I cherish, and look forward to reading. Her blogs and comments encourage me to continue to fight against depression. I am fortunate to have health insurance which covers visits to a therapist. My husband has been a great source to talk to about what troubles me. Blogging also helps me. I enjoyed your story about the patchwork bags–it was very heartwarming to hear about two women knowing the same pain, helping each other, even for a brief time.

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    2. Oh mate, I’m sorry. You are one of the toughest women I know and I know that you will come through this. You’ve done it before and you know you can do it again.
      You also know exactly how to get in touch with me 🙂
      ❤ Hugs mate.

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  9. Thank you for posting all this common sense (and nonsense that others spew). People can be SO heartless. Their reality is egocentric and unless THEY have something, they have zero compassion and believe everyone else is “crazy”. I feel sorry for people with such ignorance actually. Unfortunately the health care system here is also not very generous in their support of people with depression. Most therapists do not take insurance. And here the doctors just want to put you on a bunch of medications and never talk much about psychotherapy. So strange. Now when I have anxiety, even though in the midst of it i would SWEAR what I’m feeling about things is very real, I try to wait a day or so before I react. A lot of times the intensity of my feelings will subside but sometimes it’s really hard to wait!

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    1. Oh Laura, I read an article this morning by an ex-politician here this morning and I am livid.
      Another blog is certainly coming, you can be sure of that.
      You know I read a blog once by a therapist based in the U.S. in which he slammed people such as life coaches because he believes that they do more harm than good when people with depression and anxiety see them. Yet, you tell me that they all they want to do is prescribe medications and not approach things holistically. I find that incredibly concerning.


      1. You know I really believe that nothing is black and white. And some therapists can do harm. Not all of them are good. Some perpetuate depression rather than giving you the tools to deal with and discover yourself and make improvements. The prescription of medications is important too but the doctors WAY over prescribe and then don’t give what they need to the people who need it like the poor. I think that’s what really irritates me the most. The rich can have all the therapy they want and all the drugs they want, but the poor are left out in the dust. 😦

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  10. Suffering from PTSD, I do know that depression and anxiety are part of life, even though I am not bipolar or suffer any other mental illnesses.
    However I do know of some who have bipolar and anxiety and are searching for the cause, hoping to pinpoint a traumatic event to be classified as PTSD.
    Mental illness does not work that way.

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  11. It’s amazing there are not more people with depression given the crazy world we live in. It’s also sad that some people have such bad attitudes towards IT, especially when they’re doctors and should,know better.

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