Friday Check-in

What a week it has been so far. I have found that scheduling my posts appears to be working well because I am seldom at my computer for the reason of reading blogs, commenting and writing my own posts right now.
I have a weekend workshop coming up in a couple of weeks (as part of my studies) and I have a heap of prereading, webinars to attend and assessments to complete before I get there. This is limiting my time for the fun stuff – like reading blogs. 😉
I have taken a few photos in the past week and due to the kindness of a very special person, I am now able to process my photos once more.
I tell you, it is all happening here…

038Now that the rain has cleared here (and the mercury is soaring ridiculously high for Autumn) the balloons are out and about in my area right now.
This balloon was one of five one morning. I am actually zoomed in quite a bit as that large gum tree on the left is right at the bottom of my street.

I took the following shot only a couple of mornings ago. I heard a noise and recognised it for a balloon going down so I went outside to look and found one coming in very close over the neighbour’s house. I raced inside and grabbed my camera to take this photo above my roof. You can see everyone waving madly at me. I must confess that as much as I love the balloons, you will never get me up in one. Those baskets don’t look all the safe to someone who fears heights! lol
002aMy little ‘tree of life’ outside the computer room window seems to have less caterpillars on it today. I’m not sure if the birds are finding them or they are moving on. However, here is one of the caterpillars from the other day.

022I gave the macro lens a work out. I’m glad that nobody was watching me take this photo as to get it, I had to climb onto the garden bench and balance against the brick wall whilst maneuvering around to shoot this little fellow at the back of the tree.
Once inside, I decided to pester my cat and take photos. I had to discard quite a lot of them due to poor lighting and her inability to pose like a good model should but I still managed a couple.
047I scored a scratch on the hand for daring to interrupt her 20 hours of sleep in the day.

Well, I am supposed to be studying right now but instead I am writing a blog post. I guess I’d better go and do some of it or I will not get it finished.

In closing, I’ll share with you my quote for the day on my calendar

Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift

– Albert Einstein

He wasn’t only smart, he was incredibly wise.
Blessings to you today.


43 thoughts on “Friday Check-in

  1. I hope you enjoy your workshop. I find that most days I read, and schedule blogs. Right now, I don’t want to do anything because I don’t feel like doing anything. Writing and reading kind of takes the guilt away.

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    1. Right now, the workshop is causing me a little anxiety as there is so much to get done before it. I know that once I am there and learning a lot of the stuff and getting a chance to practice hands on, it will be better.
      April, this will pass. You know it will. Keep blogging babe.

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  2. Stunning shots Ms Suz. I particularly love the yellow balloon against the lovely blue sky and the perspective just perfect. Also that caterpillar as much as I hate them at the moment and send them to the bin whenever possible, is magical and such detail 🙂

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  3. I love your photos here Sue. First, your area is so rural! It’s beautiful! I love that yellow balloon shot. They are really not that scary. I thought I would be scared but I’m more scared looking out of the window of a tall building. That’s one trippy caterpillar! And Diva…ahhh…I know she has an attitude but she is so darn cute!

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    1. Attitude is also another word I would use when describing her. She can be loving when she wishes but it’s generally upon her own terms. lol
      Still won’t get me up in a balloon though Laura. 😉


  4. I must mention the weather because it seems odd to me. Most of my family (mom, brother, aunts, etc.) live in Colorado, US, which is three days of driving west of me. Their bad weather stopped yesterday and they had beautiful skies today. Here where I live in Tennessee, US, the bad weather left the area yesterday , as well. We had bright blue skies today. Now I read you post for today (okay, yesterday now that it’s early evening here), and you’re telling me the same thing happened Downunder. How can this be? Shouldn’t you have had the good weather first, then my family, and then me? Weather moves from west to east so I shouldn’t be seeing this fabulous weather until Sunday. Very strange :/

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      1. So, So Suz. I had an operation last week and spent some of the week in hospital. It was no big deal, but there it’s always a bit of a downer.

        Sounds like your studying is coming along well. How’s the teen and the GG?

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  5. Great shot of the balloon Sue, we have the international balloon competitions here in Mildura occasionally, we do have a balloon ride here, we tried to go on one once but the weather stopped us at the last minute, will try again in the future, love the sound when they light up.

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  6. Glad to hear you’re back in business photo wise. We used to have an anual baloon festival here and, once or twice when the wind was right they came right over the garden. They had a job climbing to get up our Big Hill though so it was probably quite fraught in the basket.

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