From little things….

Yesterday, we visited my sister in-law’s block of land out in the country. From her block, I feel as if I can reach out and touch Mt Maroon and Mt Barney. Mt Lindesay is just a stones throw away. It really is quite pretty.

I remember when she purchased the block oh-so-many-years-ago and was just planting things around the place and trying to build it up.
We contributed a small pine tree……
Now this pine tree was no ordinary pine tree. It had a history.
Twenty years ago, I had just met the Garden Gnome and he had only just purchased his first home. His home was bare and it was coming up to Christmas when I found real potted pine trees for sale. So I bought it for him and he had his first Christmas tree.
Over the coming years, we re-potted the tree and it grew a little taller. When it got to about 5 feet tall, it sat outside our front door and we put lights and decorations on it at Christmas time. But it finally got too big for the pot so we bundled it into the car and took it out to my SIL’s block for her to plant.

Want to see it now?
010Bit bigger now isn’t it?

It really is amazing how something so small can become so big.
It reminds me of those snowballs that gather size and momentum as they roll down a hill.

Right now, I have ideas for the future. They’re like that small potted pine tree that I bought so long ago. I want them to become like the tree that towers to the sky now (and it still has a lot more growing to do).

What have we given the tree over the years?
Lots of water and room for it to spread its roots out for one thing.
When it got too big for where it was, we accommodated it by moving it to a place it could expand.

Our lives are like that tree. We can choose to stay in the past and become root bound and dormant or we can plant our ideas deep in the soil of possibility and reach our branches to the sky.
From little things, big things grow!

Yeh, I like that analogy.


30 thoughts on “From little things….

  1. A unique pine tree, it looks nothing like pines do here. Love the shape and colour. Breaking my bounded roots in part two of my life these days. Leaving Michigan has been a blessing in many ways.

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  2. Awesome post Suz. I love that you bought a little tree in a pot and over the years and through thick and thin, the little tree grew and grew and survived the transplants and now has a home on a big plot of land in the wild. It is a tribute to your caring and love for the little tree.

    Thanks so much for the sharing and the pictures.

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    1. Well once we took it to the SIL’s block of land, it pretty much fended for itself (after she put a fence around it to stop the goats eating it). I think it’s thriving now and that’s a great thing.


  3. HI SIs Is that where the tree went .Its been years since Ive been to the block .I will have to come down and spend some time I love what your saying ,do you think Iam to old to spread my roots and grow ?

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    1. You’re never too old Mum!!! And yes, that is where the tree went. You know you’re welcome any time.
      By the way, did you see my post yesterday with the garden?


  4. Unbelievable that a small plant can reach such giant proportions.
    Must gladden the heart to look at the tree and know its history Sue.
    Well done, you have left your mark with Mother Nature’s approval.

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