Explore the Elements Travel Photoblogging Challenge

I have been challenged by my friend The Average South African to participate in the challenge in my title.
Thanks for the nomination and challenge accepted.
It’s meant trawling through some old photos and that’s been a lot of fun. It’s amazing how many photos I’ve taken over the past year that I have forgotten about! lol
The challenge is about publishing photos that represents the four earth elements.

So here are my photos.
I have photo upon photo of mountains and trees but of the actual earth (ground) there aren’t that many. However I found this photo of some beach grass.
022aThe next element is
I hadn’t realised how many photos I had of balloons until I began going back through. I love the photos of the early morning sky in the following photo.
001cThe next element is
Nothing says ‘weekend’ in Australia than a backyard bbq. Here are some snags cooking over an open fire.
001bLast but definitely not least we have
I love the beach. I love walking along it. So here is a beach photo just for you.

Thanks so much for nominating me. It was a bit of fun looking through my photos.

Apparently I get to nominate five others to take part in this challenge.
So here goes:
Karen at Days and Months
Robyn at Captivate Me
Laura at Laura Macky Photography
Laurie at Laurie27wsmith
I’d also nominate Leanne Cole but I know she’s pretty busy right now. So Leanne, if you’re reading this and you want to go for it, please do!

36 thoughts on “Explore the Elements Travel Photoblogging Challenge

  1. Great photos and representations. You really have a great eye. Okay so you nominated me! I’ll have to see if I have four that fit. Maybe I’ll make them fit lol. Hopefully I will get to this in the next day or so. I like the challenge!

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