Friday Check In -I’m Still Alive

Many apologies for my absence this week. It has been HUGE week.

This morning I am composing this post on my iPad. This means I can only use the silly beep, beep, bop window (I much prefer classic) and have access to whatever photos I have on the iPad as well.

This week has seen me working to a deadline. I have a course weekend this weekend and prior to attending I have had webinars to attend, pre reading, reflective reports and underpinning knowledge assessments to complete. I believed that over the preceding weeks I had broken this work into manageable chunks but as usual life generally intervenes and stuff still needs to be crammed into the final days. Last night I was up until after midnight. The night before was a little earlier finishing about 10.30. But I have done it! I can now head off in the morning to my weekend with all the required work done and know what it is we will be learning and exploring.

This week has seen some personal upheaval as weimagell. Although I wasn’t the person struggling, there is a flow on effect. I have cried a couple of times. Sometimes with helplessness at not being able to fix someone I love and others because I have been overwhelmed with the circumstances of life and my study work load. Our of those times I have had to smile. My cat (the indomitable, don’t pick me up, I will grant affection on MY terms Diva) has been following me everywhere. She has lived up to her name of Smudge by smudging my glasses when she jumps up on the couch or sofa and rubs against my face. She has been winding around my feet and laying beside me on the floor of my study during late night stints. Yesterday, when the GG and I was upset, Β she came over to him and sat on his feet. She then followed him and sat behind him on the back of the couch. What a blessing she has been!

However this week has not been all bad news, stress and despair. Much beauty has been found in the world also. This week I have been blessed by:

  • A phone call with a happy mother who had just added to her growing collection of dolls, teddies and old store mmannequins
  • A new kind of butterfly around my tree
  • The Blue Wren and his Jenny that also visited the tree. They were so close I could have touched them.
  • An early morning thunderstorm on Wednesday. We have a saying in our home that if a storm is going to hit, it is generally at school time. Usually it is just as the kids are getting out for the day. This time it was as they were all on their way. The Teen loves storms. She loves them even more if it makes her late for school and her mother has to drive her.
  • My Teen. We have had a good week. She has been chatty and the other day when my back went on me, she stayed home from school to keep an eye on me and help out. It was a sign of things to come in 20 years or so as she helped me in and out of the car when I drove to the pharmacy for some Voltaren.
  • Voltaren has blessed me. You don’t realise how much you use your back until you can’t use it! lol
  • My morning meditation and journal times
  • The love and trust in me that the Garden Gnome has. That man is one of the hugest blessings in my life.
  • Watching my granddaughters play netball last weekend. They are so cute. It was funny because their teams played each other and all the girls on the teams are great friends because they train together. They found it so confusing working out who they could and couldn’t pass the ball to. They also had difficulty in remembering their positions and where they needed to be on the court. I took heaps of photos and smiled a lot.
  • Chai Lattes. Can I just say that I love them?

So there you have my week. I won’t be around on the weekend either. However I promise that next week, after I catch up the housework and replenish the low food stocks in the house I will be back. (I might even reply to my comment back log).

My photo for today is one I found on my iPad. I have no idea why I’ve saved it but it made me smile. Have a great day and a blessed weekend. Okay I give up. The photo just wants to insert wherever. *sigh*

41 thoughts on “Friday Check In -I’m Still Alive

  1. Even in our most frustrating and darkest times, we can find something that is worth living for. It sounds like you had some balance during the frustrating times this past week. All that, and you even accomplished what you needed for your weekend. Way to go!

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  2. My ! You’ve been busy! I like the classic view too, and now that they have changed things once again I have to go through channels to get to it! It’s worth it though. Have a great weekend! ~Elle

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  3. Thanks for writing of your thankful moments which had me smiling after reading of your not so great week, I hope it made you feel that way too. I too am thankful for Voltaren for making me who I am today πŸ™‚ have a great weekend and Ill see you on the other side of it. I’m off to Wollongong for a birthday so hopefully a few photos but maybe not of the birthday, more likely the sea πŸ™‚

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  4. Lucky you to get to go on a course! I hope it’s fulfilling and a good time away. And it’s wonderful that you can recognize so many positives even when things are rough.

    I MUST look up the blue wren. It’s a bird I don’t know.

    And…have you tried the WordPress app on your iPad? I hate the “beep beep boop,” too. The app is a little limited, but much easier to use when you’re on the iPad.

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    1. My iPad has very little room on it even though I delete stuff etc. It seems that every time you update something it takes up more room. So the WP app isn’t going to happen unfortunately. Thanks for the tip though.


  5. The blue wren is a little bird whose tail sticks straight up in the air,he is a very happy male and we dont see a lot of the males because the female who is a dull brown and called a Jenny is also a happy little bird even though she is part off a harem .we had one wren here with 8 jennys dont you just love the bird kingdom . My daughter I am sooooooooo proud of you .

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      1. True Suz. When I first started at the prison back in 75, I did something to my back. Of course the job involved standing on cement for 8 hours. In retrospect I’d pinched my sciatic nerve. I had to leave 15 minutes earlier than normal to start work. It took that long to get in and out of the car. The pain went all the way to the soul of my foot. I had no sick leave and couldn’t afford the time off. So it was off to work regardless. The I woke up one day and the pain had gone. But oh boy, didn’t it hurt.

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  6. Chai tea is my favorite. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive than coffee, so I limit myself to one mug of it daily, usually right after dinner.

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  7. Dear Suze, what a busy life you are leading with study and family concerns and trying to cope with back pain. I would find that very difficult to cope with! Somehow you can still find the time to think about and be thankful for many things and also write a blog! I can barely manage a weekly post and in fact this last time took me 2 weeks!
    It is very hard when you want to help someone but can’t. I know that feeling well!
    Sending you hugs and smiles. πŸ™‚

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  8. Hello Suz! It’s been so long since I’ve been able to check in on blogs that I didn’t realize you’d been absent! This campaign for Delegate is taking up most of my time.
    I’m glad to read that you had a long list of good things to report, despite the challenges. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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    1. Thanks for dropping in Laurie. It sounds as if you are really busy right now as well. My weekend was great. I hope that all is well in your world right now.


  9. Nice to see that you still are going strong Sue. Life is not always kind, but you have a great and supporting family, which can be a huge help. Happy to read that you are so good to find and remember the positives too:-D

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