Research project assistance required

I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you all that I am studying life coaching. I am studying through an accredited training organisation and working toward my diploma.
At the end of it all, I will have qualifications in life, business, executive and wellness coaching along with my NLP Practitioner’s certification.
I am LOVING it.
Of course, with having to go back to work (we need to eat and pay bills unfortunately) it’s going to be a little bit more pressure to get everything done.
So, before I start work I am pushing to get as much done on my research project as possible. This is where I am asking for assistance.
My research project is entitled “Depression, Coaching and Therapy: Can they Co-Exist”?
My personal feelings are that they can.
Life coaching in no way replaces therapy and we are taught that we must refer our clients to professional help if their issues are beyond our scope of training. However, sometimes when a person is attending therapy they just need a little bit of encouragement to meet their goals.
I’ll use an example:

Let’s just say that your therapist has suggested that you limit your computer time and get more exercise. A coach could assist you in creating some strategies in order to do this and then cheer you along as you do it.

So, my first step in gathering information is a short survey I have put up on Survey Monkey around depression, coaching and therapy.
My next step is interviews with professionals and obtaining their views so that I am able to prepare a well-rounded research paper. (btw if you are a professional that would like to help me out with this, please let me know).

If you can spare a couple of minutes to answer 10 questions, you can find my survey here.

Thanks so much ā¤ ā¤

15 thoughts on “Research project assistance required

  1. Survey done. Best of luck with your studies Suz. I did a degree while working full time and know hard it is. You’ll make it through. It sometimes seems as if the combination is a huge elephant – much bigger than you. However, you know how to eat an elephant – one plateful at a time. Just keep pluggin’ away and the task will be done.

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    1. Paul, I literally laughed out loud at your elephant metaphor. My mentor said the same thing to me only a couple of weeks ago – only he used ‘one bite at a time’
      Thanks for your support. šŸ™‚


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