Tuesday’s Quote

Whilst going through my photos taken of the netball game that my granddaughters played in a couple of weeks ago, I came across this shot.
This is my oldest granddaughter and the photo was taken before the game began.
I have no idea of what song may have been playing in her head or what she was thinking, but I love that she appears to be dancing to her own beat out there.
HappinessOftentimes we become so bogged down with the minutiae of life that we forget the innocence of our childhood. We forget that living in the moment should not only happen, but that it should happen more often than we allow it to.
We forget to dance to the songs in our head…. and in our heart.

I read something on Facebook today that made me stop and think.
It went something like this:

Β In many cultures, if you went to the medicine man and told him that you were complaining of being disheartened or feeling down, they would ask: “When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in silence?”

Too many of us are chasing that elusive dream of happiness and joy. We feel that we don’t deserve it.
What we don’t realise is that Happiness is there for the taking. It is inside us.
We have no need to pursue happiness, we are able to create it.

Let’s make a vow to dance to the music of our soul. Sing along to the radio. Sing in the shower. Or in the car as we sit in traffic on our daily commute.
Move our bodies.
Read stories.
Listen to the stories of our children and grandchildren.
Embrace our imagination.

And be happy.

27 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quote

  1. Awesome advice, I find comfort in silence the older I get. I seem to crave it at times, a 100% reversal from 30 years ago. The young lady looks very happy to be young and alive on a sunny day, nice catch!

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    1. I must admit that when I go back to work I am going to miss the silence of the days. Silence that I can choose to break with music or just leave it the way it is.


  2. Love your advice I can only add that the dogs in my life have always reminded me there are grains of happiness floating around us we simply need to make the most of every minute then happiness will arrive

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  3. Amazing distinction between seeking happiness and creating happiness Suz. Perfect. Your granddaughter is an ideal example of creating happiness – wonderful photo – very uplifting. Thank you.

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  4. It’s very true, music and dancing can make a huge difference to one’s mood. My iPod is filled with upbeat songs that make me want to dance and it’s the best medicine there is for feeling down.

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    1. I love my music Marie and my taste is so eclectic. Right now, I work with the aged and they think it’s marvelous that I can sing along with all the old songs with them.


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