Tuesday’s Quote

Today’s quote is brought to you at the request of Karen (from Days and Months).
I posted a photo in my Monochrome Madness gallery last week of a monochrome rose and she remarked that it looks like a ‘poetry rose’. She meant that it would look great with a quote or poem beside it.
Funnily enough, when I took the photo I left that space at the right hand side of it blank for exactly that reason. Continue reading

From little things….

Yesterday, we visited my sister in-law’s block of land out in the country. From her block, I feel as if I can reach out and touch Mt Maroon and Mt Barney. Mt Lindesay is just a stones throw away. It really is quite pretty.

I remember when she purchased the block oh-so-many-years-ago and was just planting things around the place and trying to build it up.
We contributed a small pine tree…… Continue reading

Through my Lens – My garden

Okay, the last week has been difficult for me as I have battled a combination of hormones and circumstances that have pulled me down and covered my mind in that grey veil that obscures all the good stuff.
The hard part is (and I journalled about it this morning) is that my mind is at war. There are two parts of it – the part that is saying “This too shall pass” and the other part that over-exaggerates every little word and thought until I feel like I am going to collapse under the weight of it all. Continue reading