Friday Check-In

It’s that time of the week again when I check in and make sure that all is going well in your part of the world whilst I fill you in on mine. 🙂
Seems like a fair trade to me.

Just for something different I am going to break my week up under sub-headings and dot points. Continue reading

Tuesday’s Quote

Today’s quote is brought to you at the request of Karen (from Days and Months).
I posted a photo in my Monochrome Madness gallery last week of a monochrome rose and she remarked that it looks like a ‘poetry rose’. She meant that it would look great with a quote or poem beside it.
Funnily enough, when I took the photo I left that space at the right hand side of it blank for exactly that reason. Continue reading

From little things….

Yesterday, we visited my sister in-law’s block of land out in the country. From her block, I feel as if I can reach out and touch Mt Maroon and Mt Barney. Mt Lindesay is just a stones throw away. It really is quite pretty.

I remember when she purchased the block oh-so-many-years-ago and was just planting things around the place and trying to build it up.
We contributed a small pine tree…… Continue reading

Through my Lens – My garden

Okay, the last week has been difficult for me as I have battled a combination of hormones and circumstances that have pulled me down and covered my mind in that grey veil that obscures all the good stuff.
The hard part is (and I journalled about it this morning) is that my mind is at war. There are two parts of it – the part that is saying “This too shall pass” and the other part that over-exaggerates every little word and thought until I feel like I am going to collapse under the weight of it all. Continue reading

Friday Check-in

What a week it has been so far. I have found that scheduling my posts appears to be working well because I am seldom at my computer for the reason of reading blogs, commenting and writing my own posts right now.
I have a weekend workshop coming up in a couple of weeks (as part of my studies) and I have a heap of prereading, webinars to attend and assessments to complete before I get there. This is limiting my time for the fun stuff – like reading blogs. 😉 Continue reading

Depression: Overheard this week

Although organisations such as The Black Dog Institute and Beyond Blue conduct extensive advertising programs, there is still so much ignorance out there in relation to depression and anxiety.
(I have grouped anxiety with depression because many of those who suffer depression also suffer from anxiety).
Having suffered depression for a number of years, and talking openly about it with others, it still baffles me the ignorance of people in society at large about these illnesses. Because they are illnesses. They are not a figment of our imaginations or ‘works of the devil’. There are many causes for both.
Not everything has a rational explanation (although there are many in society who would like to have something to blame).
Depression and anxiety are real to those who suffer them.

Following are some real life quotes taken from actual conversations that I have had with others and from the comments sections within newspaper articles on social media. The comments come from a cross section of those who suffer from anxiety and depression and those who have no idea what it is like. Continue reading