…. is it me you’re looking for?
(Thanks Lionel Richie for the blog title today).
It feels as if I have been away for eons but it has only been a week or so since my last post.
As I write this, I have a day off work and I am meant to be working on my research project however I have been checking out some blogs, responding to emails and listening to a CD that I picked up from a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. When I say CD, it is actually a 4-CD set called “These Were Our Songs – A Festival of Folk” and I paid $2 for it. Not bad value as I am spending so much time reminiscing. Of course it isn’t helping my studies too much as the reminiscing keeps pulling my thoughts away from my research topic. Continue reading

Trying not to care

It’s a hard thing trying not to care what others think of you.
It’s something that I struggle with on an almost daily basis.
Deepak Chopra stated:

What others think of you is not your business

He’s right. We all know it.
But inside each of us is that little kernel of negative self belief that makes us care what other think of us. Continue reading

Striking a Balance

You may have noticed my presence is slightly sporadic right now. You have my apologies. The truth is that I am working to find that balance between home, study, work and blogging. My study has taken a back seat this week whilst I learn my new job and unfortunately so has my blogging. I am coming in the door each afternoon mentally fatigued. I have fired up the computer with the intention of reading blogs, writing a post or working on my research project but generally get very little done. 😳 Right now, all is ok in our lives. There are some adjustments to be made by everyone. I have had to start working to a schedule again and that’s a lot of fun (spoken with my tongue firmly in my cheek). But you know what? Life is good. Each day is filled with gratitude and beauty. I am blessed. I trust that your days are also filled with joy, love, beauty and blessings also.

Yowie Hunters

I have a guilty secret. I love watching Animal Planet. In particular I love watching Mountain Monsters and Finding Bigfoot. I have to admit that watching Mountain Monsters is more for the entertainment value than from a desire to see whether creatures of folklore actually exist. Anyone who has managed to sit through a whole hour of this show would have to agree that it is pure side-splitting comedy….Or, that could be just me and my warped sense of humour. However, I also enjoy Finding Bigfoot even if it has copped it’s share of bad press as well. So imagine my delight when channel surfing a couple of days ago and I came across the Finding Bigfoot ‘Down Under’ episode.  Continue reading