Thought for today

Today is Mother’s Day.
It has been a quiet one for me.
Although the Son wanted me to attend church with he and my DIL this morning, I haven’t been feeling the best so begged off so that I could go back to bed. Today is also my DIL’s first Mother’s Day with empty arms.
I know that this day has been hard for her but it has been made easier through the kindness of others.

Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates LOVE.        -Lao Tzu_

My DIL showed me a gift that she received from a lady in our town. This woman and her husband own a jewellery store. Personally, they’ve had a hard year themselves. However, when this lady heard about the loss of precious Suzanne last year, she offered to do anything at all for the kids. She put no restrictions on her offer.
I passed on the offer to the kids and reminded them a couple of times about it but they never let me know what assistance they required so that I could pass it on to her.
The other day they went into the store to purchase a gift for my DIL’s mother and they were enveloped in a hug. This lady asked them what she could do for them as her offer made in October last year still stood. They said they could think of nothing, so she went to her cabinet and pulled out two beautiful pendants. They were jewel encrusted initials. An ‘S’ and a ‘J’. She wrapped them up and gave them to my son with instructions to give them to his wife on Mother’s Day. Her first Mother’s Day without her beloved Suzanne Joy. The pendants were placed on the chain with the heart locket she was given by family on the day of the funeral that she wears each day around her neck.
Kindness in giving creates love.
Kindness in any form is a huge blessing.

May we go into the world and be kind. ❤

24 thoughts on “Thought for today

  1. Beautiful. That had me teary-eyed. I agree with you about your thoughts on kindness. Kindness heals, loves, nurtures, comforts, supports. Acts of kindness mean so much to people. They give people hope in times of despair. How wonderful it is to be kind and to receive kindness. x

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  2. These gifts for the precious child-less mother, your DIL, was so wonderful and dear. I am sad to hear about the loss of Suzanne Joy. I am hoping the charms with her initials were something which she may enjoy wearing. Of course, nothing will take the place of this loss.
    I was glad to read your next post, you had a great Mother’s Day with nice gifts and must have felt better enough to get out and have a drive. Take care.

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  3. What a beautiful post Sue, a sad day yet one made beautiful by the thoughtful gift of a friend.
    It’s lovely to read of the caring and thoughtful gesture towards your DIL’s loss.
    I wish you all much love.
    Kind regards.

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    1. I’m ok Marie. Still fatigued but getting there. Thanks for your well wishes. I trust that now the weather is warming in your part if the world you are getting some walking in?


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