Monochrome Madness 2-10

As I put in my email to Leanne Cole when I sent this for the Monochrome Madness challenge “don’t fall off your chair”.
Another thing to fall by the wayside (along with blogging) has been my photography. Sure, I’ve taken a few photos of the seniors to include in the newsletters and things for the centre but I haven’t actually taken my camera out with the sole purpose of taking photos.
Last weekend, we took the in-laws to a little cemetery where family members are buried. I took a bucket load of photos there. Not just of some of the headstones but of the trees, the church and the amazing toadstools there. My FIL just shook his head as I lay on my stomach in the damp grass taking photos of them! lol
I must admit that I am a little disillusioned with my photography right now and get easily frustrated when I don’t capture what I see with my eye through the lens. I know this phase will pass however I persevere in the mean time.

The following photo is of a weathered, wooden cross nestled amid the sturdy concrete headstones of surrounding grave sites. The way the shadow fell caught my eye and I took the photo specifically with the intention of converting it to monochrome.

043aThere is a kind of rustic beauty with this cross that tugged at my heart.

20 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 2-10

    1. To get this shot, I sat on the edge of another gravesite. The Teen smiled at me as I asked permission and then thanked the air for allowing me to sit there. I know I’m weird. lol

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  1. Not enough time seems to be perpetual in our house. Even if I could squeeze another three or four hours into a day I’m sure I’d be the same. There is something about a graveyard and that cross is perfect for black and white.

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