Life goes on…..

In the endless cycle of day after day, our life runs right along with it. At least mine does anyway. lol
I would be hard pressed to say that my life is anything less than busy right now. This working lark isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job immensely. I just don’t enjoy getting up each morning and rushing around and then coming home at the end of the day and dropping onto the couch and not wanting to move from there.
I feel as if I am letting my family down because some nights I’m hard pressed to get up and cook a meal.
Of course, it might be a little easier if BEFORE I collapse onto the couch I prep the vegetables etc and then there is less work to do. Of course, I have an absolutely amazing Garden Gnome who is as handy in the kitchen as he is in the garden and there is also Dominos pizza for the nights when it all gets too much. πŸ˜€

Okay, back to my tried and true formula for letting you know how my life has been progressing:

What I’ve been doing:

  • Still not doing a lot of study. I have however finished up with one of my pro-bono clients and I’m almost finished up with another. I have a glowing reference from my first client that brought tears to my eyes.
  • Working. A lot. Even on my days off. And at home (like tonight).
  • Getting out and about with my seniors. I do love seeing the world with them although I don’t enjoy the planning that I have to put in before our outings. In the past two weeks, I have been to a rail museum, Brisbane City Hall, various music events and seniors days, parks, dams, shopping and other places. In the coming weeks, we are going to a wildlife park, heritage museum, the beach, historic homestead and other places. πŸ™‚ Life is never boring that’s for sure.
  • Not taking very many photos. I shot a couple the other day at the City Hall and I’ve converted one to monochrome for the Monochrome Madness but I used my little point and shoot so the quality isn’t there. I have taken lots of photos of my seniors for the organisation’s FB page and newsletter though.
  • I’ve done a little sewing. I’ve made bean bags for a game for the seniors and also some little rabbits for our cent auction this week.
    bunniesNot the best photo sorry. I took this one on my phone and I never do well with that. lol
  • Reading. I’m currently reading a couple of books including one by John Grisham called “Playing for Pizza” about an NFL player that goes to Italy to play.
  • Playing games on my iPad.
  • Catching up with old friends and work colleagues. I had a great night out with some of my old colleagues on Friday night. Lot’s of laughs. Just what the doctor ordered.

What has made me angry:

  • People who make everything about them
  • Businesses and organisations who allow the bottom line to rule them rather than remembering exactly who their consumers and staff are.
  • Unfairness in life. I could say ‘why me’ or ‘why them’ but what would that achieve? (Actually this has just made me very sad and not angry).
  • Watching the television news and reading social media.
  • Cyber bullies and trolls (will they ever give up)?

What I am grateful for:

  • Cuddles from the teen. The little things that she sometimes does (such as rubbing my feet) without being asked to.
  • Knowing that we have a steady (if small) income now
  • Being touched by the lives of so many wonderful, older people who (although they are clients) bring me such joy each day.
  • Finding new photos to add to the family history. The other day at the Museum of Brisbane I found a photo of the sinking of the Pearl Ferry in which one of the Garden Gnome’s ancestors lost his life.
    PearlThis was also taken on the phone (sigh). One day I will learn how to hold the phone still.
  • Laughter. Laughter is good for the soul.
  • The response to my daily Facebook posts that my friends tell me they look forward to (and call Suz-isms).
  • My health. So far – so good with my health.
  • Weight loss. The kilos are moving – albeit slowly and I feel great.

What has made me laugh:

  • My family. Seriously, living in this house is always crazy. Let’s take today for example….
    The teen was at the back door calling the grand-puppy (we are dog sitting). From the back yard came this squeaky voice that replied “Yes, (insert Teen’s name). I’m coming”. She started laughing and came in to tell me.
  • A night out with former work colleagues and the endless silly-you-had-to-be-there jokes that don’t re-tell well.
  • Good jokes. I read them but then I forget them so I can’t share them right now. lol

So there is my life in the past weeks.
I certainly hope that your lives are equally full of blessings.

Massive hugs to you all xx



25 thoughts on “Life goes on…..

      1. Right, no matter what happens there’s always something good in there somewhere. It may not be obvious at first though. Oh, on your question about the shadow in your peripheral vision. I have to go with my first thoughts on it. I saw an elderly woman in a black dress with a white lace collar. Solid build and a somewhat dour face with her hair pulled right back. Who is it? I don’t know . Is she a problem? I don’t feel that she is. Curious, part of your past and I feel an awful lot of sadness around her.

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        1. Wow. It’s taken me some time to reply to this.
          I racked my brains for someone from my past who fitted the description and decided to go through old family photos. I found a photo of my grandmother’s birth grandmother (she was adopted but we know about her birth family now). She is wearing exactly what you describe. Not smiling in the photo but then who did when photos were taken in the late 1800s? lol Interestingly since I mentioned it to my family and they all had seen the same shadow in the same area, she appears to have gone. I have felt someone around today but that is the first time in over a week or so. Thanks for your insights Laurie.


  1. You are very active and positive Sue, so nice to read, how you keep on going both with your family life and your new job. It is really about finding the positive in every situation without to forget that there are other things, as need to be worked out, but not all is your responsibility Sue πŸ˜€

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  2. Oh Suze, you are so busy!! How do you do it? No wonder you are exhausted at nights. Well done that you can be grateful for many things. I get quite down and angry about what I see on news and social media. I have to keep away from it most of the time. I’m so glad to read about the glowing reference and the other positive things that are going on. Thanks for another beautiful and heartwarming summary of your activities. Hugs back at you! xx

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  3. Life can be too busy to actually live sometimes. Day by day if we look at it it is okay, but it really is a rollercoaster. I hope your background goings on all work themselves out, and like you I thank heavens for my teen.

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    1. Oh for sure Tric. I have days where I seem to be doing a lot but not achieving anything. lol
      As to the teen, I read a perfect analogy for teens last night. A mother likened her teen to a cat where if you pay it attention when it doesn’t want it, it will rebuff you but if you focus on doing other things, it will want your attention. I think that about sums up my child about now.


  4. If I was doing as much as you, I’d be dead on my feet. Where in the world do you get all this energy from? I used to be a volunteer working with seniors. I got so much knowledge from them. When I was growing up, my grandparents were a pretty big part of my life. I still use the wisdom they gave me.

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