Family times

I’ve mentioned before that we sometimes go to watch our grandchildren play sport. The other weekend, we watched the girls play netball and our grandson played soccer (or football to those of you in the UK).
Often, their games clash and we can only watch one or the other, however this times the planets all aligned and we watched the girls play each other and then a short time later, was the boy’s soccer match.
For those of you that know netball, you would be aware that it is a non-contact sport. Well, it usually is. Unless of course, your opposite number on the court just happens to be your sister. Then, all bets are off.
We laughed so much watching the two girls together.
Each time the oldest went to catch the ball, the younger one pulled her arms back to her side. And don’t even try to think about moving away from her….
They were so cute to watch and they never got angry with each other. They just enjoyed the fun.
003I took so many of them together but I don’t want to show their faces so can’t show them all.
005After the fun of watching the girls, we went to watch the little man play. There is just something so darn cute about a team of boys, whose clothes are bigger than they are, chasing a ball around a half sized pitch with no clear sense of direction or idea what to do.
020I’m not quite sure what point he was attempting to make here or even why they weren’t watching where the ball was but it sure makes a cute photo.
033It’s such a fun way to spend a Saturday. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Family times

  1. Seeing siblings compete against each other in an organized competitive sport is a hoot. For the very first time in their lives they are being asked to beat their sister as bad as they can while adults cheer them on. I had a daughter and son in competitive spots and although they never met each other on the field, other team members sometimes found themselves in that situation. We adults got the biggest kick out of this. When your little brother body checks you in hockey and your parents cheer as you hit the ice, it is confusing. Or if your big sister is always standing right where you hit the volleyball because she knows how you play, it kind of throws you for a loop.

    Fun post Suz.

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  2. You’re a wonderful grandma. They may not care now, but later on they’ll be so glad you didn’t show their faces to the whole world. And I’m sure the parents appreciate right now, just to keep the kids safe. ❤

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    1. I have this wonderful photo of the youngest pinning her sisters arms to her side but I wouldn’t feel right about sharing that one with the world.
      Thanks for the compliment Glynis. A compliment is always a great start to the day.


  3. The girls are cute companions and great team work, too. Those boys are adorable! The finger pointer is funny. I have 6 what I call “grandies.” They are into all sorts of activities. 🙂


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