Wisdom from Seniors #2

We visited my in-laws on the weekend and whilst the Garden Gnome assisted with a big job that needed doing, the Teen and I chatted with MIL. She had taken a screen out of the window and was cleaning cobwebs when she said to us “We should take care of all Gods creatures but I just don’t understand what he was thinking when he created spiders……..and snakes!”

We couldn’t help it. The Teen and I both laughed out loud.

On reaching a milestone….

What do they call middle age now? I think I’ll look it up….

noun: middle age

the period after early adulthood and before old age, about 45 to 65.

Well that’s a relief, I thought I was past it! Looks like I’ve still got some time to go. Whew!
According to quite a few of my friends and family, I’m now officially old and ailing quickly.
Thank goodness for Google to pick me up and put me back on my feet. Continue reading