On reaching a milestone….

What do they call middle age now? I think I’ll look it up….

noun: middle age

the period after early adulthood and before old age, about 45 to 65.

Well that’s a relief, I thought I was past it! Looks like I’ve still got some time to go. Whew!
According to quite a few of my friends and family, I’m now officially old and ailing quickly.
Thank goodness for Google to pick me up and put me back on my feet.
A couple of days ago saw me celebrate my half century.
I wasn’t concerned about it like many others that I know. It’s just a number after all. My knees are going to continue wearing out and the aches and pains are still going to occur regardless of the number of years that I now have to record on any official documentation.
I did however become a little concerned when I received a letter from the government the other day. Foolishly, I thought it might be a signed birthday card from the Prime Minister (ha ha). What it was, was a reminder that now I am 50 I am more prone to bowel cancer so in order to help me keep on top of these things, they are going to send me a free testing kit! That’s some birthday present I can tell you. I can’t believe just how lucky I am!! (Although my tongue is firmly in my cheek, I do realise the importance of regular testing).

I also felt a little queer when driving into town the other day and seeing the billboard advertising a local retirement village for those aged 50 and over!
(The Garden Gnome generously offered to help me move if I wished to take them up on the offer). Apparently my advanced age also entitles me to cheaper insurance. But I’m not quite old enough to qualify for a Senior’s Card just yet.

The jokes from friends and family are coming thick and fast and everything from missing what someone has said to me to forgetting a person’s name is now blamed on my advancing age. Yet, when I use my age to get me out of a gaffe I’m told “Don’t try that with me”. I can’t win really.

Still, as funny as it all sounds, I had a wonderful birthday.
The Garden Gnome and the Teen gifted me with a two new lenses for my camera and then took me away for the weekend and provided me with opportunities to use them. We went whale watching and to Sea World. I also caught up with the delightful Karen from Days and Months and we spent some time at Currumbin rocks dodging sea spray to take photos at sunset.
On the day of my actual birthday, I was gifted with red roses and taken out to dinner with my children, grandchildren and in-laws. Pretty special huh?
See? It’s not all bad turning 50.

ps: The Garden Gnome was asked by Karen whether he really is a garden gnome? He asked me to tell you all that although he enjoys gardening, he doesn’t really get much of an opportunity to do it. However, to me he will always be my Garden Gnome.

pps: Here is a few photos that I took over the weekend. šŸ™‚

35 thoughts on “On reaching a milestone….

  1. I’m so glad you had a great birthday. Gee it was spread out over a long period of time!! I guess reaching that milestone enables you to have a long celebration. It was so nice to meet up. A shame we didn’t have much photography time but there is always next time šŸ™‚


  2. Happy Birthday , you certainly celebrated in fine form . I remember 50. I always thought by the time I reached it I would be a mature lady making sensible decisions…turns out that must happen much later haha. You are right, age is just a number but sometimes when surveys use the 54 – 69 as an age bracket I refuse to do them, opting for the 49-55 age bracket ones lol

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  3. Ahhh, the big five zero. Whew, gettin’ up there are we? Ha! I’m 57 now and there are advantages Suz. It’s not bad at all. The first time I dropped a dime on the floor and a young woman bent down picked it up and passed it to me with a “There you go sir.” it scared me. Ha! I sat down with a bottle of Glenfiddich to decide what I was going to do with the next 50 years. Ha! It’s working out well.

    Happy 50th an many more to come. šŸ˜€

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    1. I certainly appreciated having all three of my children together. It is the first birthday in a number of years that they have all been together. And my grandchildren were so beautifully behaved as well. Thank you for our wishes.

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  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Suzanne! ā¤

    Is there AARP in Australia? If not, someone in the company should get it over there. What it is, is an organization/company that gears everything they do and sell to persons 50 years and older. Discounts to stores and restaurants, deals on insurance, magazine with articles aims at those of us who are older. When I turned 50, one of the first things said to me was that I was going to get a discount at a lot of the popular restaurants. A great perk to the half-century mark.

    Turning 50 for me was like opening the cell in a jail. I was no longer chained by so many of the social do's and don'ts. I felt more at ease speaking my mind. (I was becoming one of the 'wise' ones.) I was no longer bound by clothes I actually hated just because they're in style. I was finally feeling liberated. Suzanne, the 50s is a great decade. I do hope you make the best of all your days. They can be glorious.

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  5. well daughter how old do you think I feel ? where has the time gone it doesnt seem that long ago that your granny was 50 then I was 50 and now my baby girl is 50 …Rachel will be next ..hehehe

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