And the world keeps on turning….

My hand upon his arm to steady him, we walked up his long driveway toward the house he had lived in for much of his life.
“You don’t need to walk with me. I’ll be fine you know.”
“I know” I replied. “But this way we get a chance to chat before I have to continue on my way”.
He smiled as he replied “I’m 93 years old now  but I can still get around”. As he said this, he straightened his back a little and we began chatting about how he loved to dance when he was younger. I thanked him for humouring my two left feet when we had shared a dance earlier in the day and he laughed saying “You held me up. We helped each other”.
Nearing the spot where his wife of 50+ years was waiting, I said goodbye and wished him a lovely afternoon telling him that I looked forward to seeing him again soon so we could share another dance.
But he didn’t come again.
Yesterday he was laid to rest in a little cemetery surrounded by trees and mountains. He touched my life only a handful of times but it’s sad to know that I will no longer see his face. Yet the world keeps on turning……..

Two weeks ago I sat in an auditorium listening to successful authors share with us the secrets of their success and offer encouragement and support to aspiring writers. Whilst I was looking forward to hearing every author speak, I was looking forward to one in particular. I had travelled to Melbourne two years previously to attend the same workshop as I was at now just to hear this man speak however he fell ill and couldn’t make it. This time I was looking forward to hearing him.
Seated on a leather chair in the middle of the stage, Dr Wayne Dyer welcomed the full auditorium explaining why he was seated “When you stand, you’re performing. When you sit, you teach.”
For the next 20 minutes this quiet and gentle man (who also had a wicked sense of humour) shared many insights and stories with us, not only about writing but about finding peace within yourself imparting wisdom such as: “To accomplish great things, you have to start small” and “In your writing you have to be yourself; fearless, willing and determined. Writing means your express yourself from your soul”.
IMG_1024I was a little shocked to come home (the same day that I heard of the passing of my dancing friend) to open my Facebook to find news of the passing a man I had heard speak not more than two weeks previously.
However, the world keeps on turning.

I’ve always said that the sun will always come up the next day. It makes no difference whether the metaphorical darkness is consuming your life; the physical world continues to turn and the sun always rises.
The world continues to turn.

On any given day I can open the newspaper, turn on the radio or the television and words and pictures of the ugliness of the world consume me. However, the world keeps on turning.

I believe it was William Shakespeare who said “All of the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players”.
When seen from space, Earth is a mere blip and the human race a mere microscopic dust particle. Whilst tragedy occurs, lives are lost, wars are waged, gardens grow, the wind blows, educations are earned, new babies come into the world, etc etc

The world continues to turn.

18 thoughts on “And the world keeps on turning….

  1. That the world keeps on turning and doesn’t recognise our losses as anything significant in the cosmos doesn’t stop those losses, those hurts and those disappointments from hurting us.While we have the intelligence to recognise the vastness of space and our small position in it, we are still inclined to think in terms of our own individual sphere, not even the wider world and each thing that happens within our sphere affects us.
    We lose a friend and the world keeps turning but it’s oiled by the tears of our loss.
    xxx Massive Hugs Suz xxx

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    1. I agree David. Very much so.
      Every hurt is still felt, yet with everything that goes on, the sun still comes up.
      Thanks for the hugs David. I guess I’ve just had reminders over the past weeks of how life indeed goes on.

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    1. Very true Irene. Losing someone is never easy – whether you know them personally or not.
      I wish I had had the opportunity to shake Wayne Dyer’s hand Irene but to listen to him speak was fantastic.

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  2. The universe is a thing of great beauty created by the One who created us Suz. In it we can see reflected who we are and who the One who made it is. All that said, I believe it is we who are the important ones here – our ability to choose that was given to us by Grace, allows us to create ourselves. And in so doing we can approach the Creator. (I’m not being ego-centric here – any race that has free choice, be it of this planet or not has similar value). Now remember that all that is around us was put here by the creator so it all has intrinsic value.

    So, yes the world turns and the sun comes up again after the loss of a soul from the physical world. However, the continuance of that soul on another plane seems self-evident to me. It is in following the individual that the real story lies for me. Yes, the universe continues, because there are other physical souls that require it to be given their choice. It seems sad but for the soul that passes onto a higher existence I doubt the emotion would be sadness.

    Great post Suz – thanks. 😀

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    1. Thanks so much Paul. (Sorry to take so long in replying).
      Losing those we know (and often love) is difficult but the knowledge that we can rely on the day dawning once more is comforting.


  3. Beautiful reflections, Suze. I too lost someone recently. We grieve and the world continues on. There is beauty and joy and also sadness, loss and destruction. And through it all there remains love. xx

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  4. My husband lost his dad and my kidults their last surviving grandparent just a few weeks ago. We grieve but I like to think people live on in the impression they leave with us that remain behind. And, in the continual turning we pass this on to others. I think good surpasses evil in the world as a result but sadly evil is always do much louder in our faces. 😦 on a positive note, what a great experience the workshop must have been 🙂

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