And the results are in

We had our local show last weekend.
Once again, I left everything until the last moment to get my entries organised but I managed to get a few in.
My lead up to the show revolved around organising and gathering the entries of our clients as well as my own. This year, I also worked a stand on behalf of our organisation for a large part of the time.
However with all the hustle and bustle…. and exhaustion afterwards I still did alright.
I got some prizes – yay!
And the ‘flu – boo!

So here is a round up of my weekend.
008First prize for my little doll.
I made several of these dolls some time ago and they were sitting on my sewing table, so I thought “Why not?” and entered one.
007Second prize for my duck.
I also made the doll pillow behind the duck but didn’t get anything for her.
006Highly Commended for my photo of the gerberas.
The stewards stated that the judge was impressed with the simplicity of my background. They were suitably impressed when I told that that the background was in fact my refrigerator door. lol

And I had to get a photo with these fellows who spent the two days of the show wandering around everywhere. This one was taken on the Friday when I was out and about with my seniors.
015aThey were certainly a lot of fun and were good sports.

So that concludes our local show for another year. 🙂
Next year, I might be a little more organised with my entries…… famous last words.

33 thoughts on “And the results are in

  1. Wow! You are talented Suz. I love the picture of the gerberas. My favorite. The doll and duck are both very cute. I am impressed that you got two prizes and an honorable mention – you are gooood. Do you sell any of this stuff? It certainly is product that I would buy – the figures as gifts and the flowers for me.

    Fun post and wonderful picture of you – your kindness in helping seniors is wonderful.

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    1. Thank you Paul. I appreciate your wonderful words.
      I usually give my creations away (the duck has already been gifted). Sometimes I give them to my mother to sell on her market stalls but I don’t sew often enough to turn a profit.


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