I have a dream…

I’ve had it for a while.Β  The dream I mean.
You know the one? The dream of writing a book.
The words are there inside me, tumbling over and over in my mind. It’s like a tiny little alien predator just waiting to break forth some days.
I’ve wavered about what to write. I’ve picked up one idea, examined it and then discarded it for another. I have jotted ideas and notes in notebooks laying all over the house but struggle to find EXACTLY what it is that I want to share with the world.The trouble is, that once I find what it is that I wish to share, then I have to put it all into some form of coherent order and go forth with the idea.
Last month, I once again attended a Hay House Writer’s Workshop. This allows me the opportunity to submit a book proposal and know that they will actually read it. If they like it enough, they will publish my book.
How cool would that be? I have a one in 700 (that’s about how many were in attendance that day) chance of this happening. Of course, that is supposing that all 700 people submit proposals.

It’s all well and good to have this dream however dreams stay dreams unless you do. You know, like take the first step?
I subscribe to Mike Dooley’s daily emails. His last one had a message that jumped out at me. Put simply, it was this “You can visualise all you want. You can say all the affirmations that you want. However, until you actually do something, nothing is likely to happen.” Ouch.
If there is one thing that is hammered home during the writer’s workshops, it is that authors need to build their platform and market themselves. It’s more than just writing.
So this morning, I looked at the website of an author that I met at the workshop. We chatted as she signed a copy of her book for me. She gave me a hug and I felt great. I also felt a connection with her.
I loved her website. The ‘look’ is exactly what I would love to have. So I dug a little deeper, found the creator of her website and then checked them out. Absolutely perfect. However, it comes with a price attached. 😦
Ouch again.

Then I need to find the subject for my book. Maybe I have already found it though. When I was sick a couple of weeks ago, as I lay in bed on the edge of sleep but not quite there an idea formed in my mind. I woke myself up and wrote it down. As I drifted into that semi-conscious state once again, more ideas crowded into my mind. Rousing myself, I wrote them down also. As I began to drift once again, more and more ideas came forth. I made a mental note to remember them when I awoke. I did. So I wrote them down.
The subject? It’s not a new one. Many others have written and taught on this very subject in the past. It’s all about what I have learned about finding happiness in this world. Happiness isn’t something new or unique but it appears to be something that many of us search for.
I even have a working title –Β  “Fifty Shades of Great: A real person’s guide to finding happiness”.
So far, I have about 30 ways lol…. 20 to go.

Since I am a professional in second-guessing myself, I am after a little feedback from you all. Is this topic something that would interest you? Do you think I’m on the right track here?
If you were to go into a bookshop, or Amazon or somewhere that sold books, what sort of books do you look for? Do you think the topic of happiness has been done to death?

Whilst in search of the realisation of my dream, I was going through my desktop calendar this morning and tearing off pages that I haven’t bothered to read for the past month. Many of the quotes on the pages related to happiness and dreams. But today’s quote kind of jumped out at me.
An omen? A smack up the side of the head from the universe? I don’t know.

Happiness-travel(I took this photo the other day. I thought he summed up the quote beautifully). πŸ™‚

I plan to share some of what I have been writing in my notebook with you over coming blog posts anyway even if the idea doesn’t make the final cut for my book proposal.

Anyway, here’s to dreams….



18 thoughts on “I have a dream…

  1. I believe strongly in the subconscious actually steering us if we have time to listen. Im glad you wrote everything down. I think its a perfect idea. Everyone strives for happiness so your target market is pretty darn big πŸ™‚ I look forward to some snippets along the way. So glad you have found your subject Sue now onto the next step πŸ™‚ If you didnt already have this one out of the fifty: If you can be happy for someone else, surely that makes you happy too. I am very happy for you good luck xx

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  2. I agree with what someone else said, motivational and inspiration books are all the rage right now. So are “self-help” books which I think helping people to find “happiness” would be. All about finding that unique “take” or way of portraying it! Good luck and go for it!

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  3. It is often so hard to move from dreams/goals/visions for writing a book to the actual doing part. I really understand that! For years I’ve felt there is a book or two inside me but what to focus on out of the myriad of ideas is often the tricky part. Writer’s workshops all say start “doing”…start the writing. Have a basic overall goal (such as your working book title) and start writing. Often people find they end up with a different product from what they started just because the sheer act of writing brings up other issues. Your project may change shape as you go along and find there is an element that is crying out to be elaborated on. A story deep within starts to emerge more strongly as you allow yourself to explore. In my own case I was thinking about how isolated I felt at a certain time in my life because I couldn’t find the literature that applied to my childhood situation (having a mum with schizophrenia and a dad with alcoholism). I felt isolated at the time. So I would like to write a supportive book that I wished I could have read back then. Writing a book now which would have helped you at a particular time in your life, is going to appeal to others who have/had a shared experience. Write the book you wish you’d had to read? A book which would have helped the Suze in the past? I know you have it in you. It’s time for it to come out. Hugs. x

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