Catching Waves

On Australia Day last year, I guest posted on the blog of the Opiniated Man –  HarsH ReaLiTy with my post “Catching Waves”.
Sadly, my original post is no longer there. Luckily, I have a copy of it.
So, why am I talking about this old post now?
Well, a couple of weeks ago I was chatting with a beautiful and amazing young woman who has been a part of my life for almost as long as she has been alive.  I love her very much. Unfortunately she is facing a battle with the insidious disease that begins with the letter ‘C’.
During our visit, we talked about all manner of things not related to her diagnosis, because after all who wants to talk about sad things all the time? Of course, the topic of conversation often drifted back to her diagnosis, treatment and her views on life.
How could you not develop views on life when everything in your life has been turned upside-down and you are looking at living now through eyes that see more than they did a few short weeks ago?
So I was incredibly touched, when she jumped up from her chair and went to get her journal from her room to show me. Placing it in my hands, she said “You know I thought of you when I bought this. I know how you feel about writing.”
She encouraged me to read the words she had written.
Her first pages were her feelings about her diagnosis. She likened her life since her diagnosis and surgery to being on a surfboard just out beyond the breaker line, being tossed every which way by the ocean, yet being totally at peace with it all. She knows that she can ride the board in to her support crew that are jumping up and down, yelling and cheering her on from the beach. She also knows that she can rest on the board and take comfort in the fact that as long as it is under her, she is going to stay afloat – even if the waves are tossing her around a little. She has the ability to remain calm as long as the surfboard is there. As the waves rock her, she rests – building her strength and resolve.
I asked her what she believes is the surfboard. She had no definitive answer. The surfboard could be her faith, her life and place in the universe, love…. any number of things. She wasn’t sure. But she knew that it was keeping her afloat right now.

My original post was about riding waves into shore being like following our dreams and whilst it differs from what this dear girl is saying, I couldn’t help feeling amazed at the similarity in our interpretation of life and the use of the surfboard and ocean as an analogy.

I find great peace in the sight and sounds of the ocean. I don’t swim in it (Jaws has scarred me) but I will walk along the edge and allow the waves to tickle my feet. The sounds of waves crashing upon the shore brings me a sense of peace and contentment. Water is a great healer.
If you take the time to look into dream interpretation, the ocean represents the state of our emotions and feelings. It is indicative of spiritual refreshment, tranquility and renewal. Riding a surfboard speaks of going with the flow.In the case of my young friend, she is allowing her life to go forward trusting in where it will lead. She knows that her support crew are there cheering for her on the beach but that the wave she needs to ride can only be ridden by herself.

My hope is that she catches that wave and rides it to shore. I’m here with the rest of her support crew yelling and cheering her on.

8 thoughts on “Catching Waves

  1. Indeed, an important image Suz. In fact imagery is important in general when dealing with the big “C”. When I struggled with colon cancer, I imagined very day the good healthy colon cells overcoming the cancer cells. There is considerable literature that suggests that imagining positive outcomes increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

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  2. A beautiful analogy, Suzanne.

    I miss the ocean/sea/whatever. Land is fine but to look upon a large body of water that is alive with waves is both exhilarating and serene all at the same time. There isn’t anything quite like it.

    I wish your dear friend recovery. ❤

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    1. Thank you Irene. She is struggling with the chemotherapy right now but she is a strong girl and has the love and support of so many of us behind her. I agree that the ocean is calming and peaceful.

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