It Goes On

I guess it’s a little odd to title my post and find an image that mirrors my blog name however I’m living this right now. I’ve had to teach myself once again that each day is a new day and that I am not a failure if I don’t reach the ideals that I set for myself.
It has been 4 months since my last post (as WP so kindly reminds me) and for that I apologise. I’m not going to make a promise that all is okay and my posting schedule will return to normal however because there is no point in making a promise that I might not be able to keep. I can promise that I will try.
I’m sure Yoda would disagree with that statement though. Wasn’t he the one who said “Do or do not. There is no try”? Still Yoda, never met me. πŸ˜‰

So where have I been and what have I been doing with my life? These are the questions that I’m sure everyone has been asking. Ha ha. I’m sure you haven’t but since this is my blog, I will succumb to a little self indulgence and answer the question anyway. So here is my last few months in dot points:

  • I am still working. I can’t say that work is the joy of my life but it is an income. I am working hard to put the joy back into it.
  • I am still studying but drawing closer to the finish line.
  • Right now I am working on putting my coaching website together. My domain name has been registered and I have business cards ordered and on the way.
  • Although I haven’t descended into the deepest pits of depression in recent months I have been battling the dog and anxiety. Nothing says “You need to start doing something about this” like having your heart beat out of your chest and struggling to breathe as you put carrots into a bag in the grocery aisle at the supermarket. After listening to the pleas of the Garden Gnome and the Teen, I have gone back on medication.
  • I just want to go on record as saying that medication side effects suck! Medication side effects combined with an end-of-summer cold/flu really make life interesting.
  • I am eating well and losing weight. I won’t say that I am good all the time because that takes the fun out of life however I will go on record as saying that eating Paleo has been a godsend to me. I have so far lost about 13 kilograms (approximately 28.5 pounds). I’ve dropped a dress/pants size and I feel great.
  • Due to my changing shape, I have needed to shop for clothes. Can I just say that you can get the best stuff from op-shops?
  • I have been reading, reading, reading of late. On a whim, I decided to succumb and purchase George R.R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones” to see what all the fuss and hype was about. I have just finished the last book and I’m missing the life of Westeros and Meereen. One day, I might just decide to purchase the tv series and watch it.
  • The Teen and I have discovered SupaNova (like Comicon) and we had a blast at the last one in Brisbane. The Teen was over the moon about meeting Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter) at the event. There is another coming up in a few weeks and we are planning on going once again. The Teen has discovered that Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley also from HP) will be there so she is pretty excited about that. I’m hoping that since Jack Gleeson (Game of Thrones) and Manu Bennett (Chronicles of Shannara) are going to be there also, I might find some fantastic stuff to purchase. I don’t intend to pay $$$ to meet them and will only fork out the $$ for the Teen to meet Ginny.
  • I met one of my favourite authors at the last SupaNova. Isobelle Carmody was charming to talk to and was able to answer my question as to when she is going to finish the Legendsong series. I love that they have authors at these events! πŸ™‚
  • I am joining a local writer’s group. (Or I hope to if I can get the time off work to attend the meetings). I’m looking forward to this very much.
  • I haven’t been doing a lot of photography lately. Let’s just say that when you’re really, really down you don’t want to do much of anything.
  • I also haven’t been doing much of the housework. I’m so thankful that I have an amazing Garden Gnome who is as wonderful around the house as he is in the garden. I love him to bits. ❀
  • The Teen is doing amazingly well at school this year. She has always done well (and won an academic award last year) however this year she has decided to aim for a higher award – and she’s on track to do it. She is also dancing her little heart out and is on the school dance team and taking tap lessons each week after hours. There is nothing quite like a night owl teenager practicing her tap routines after 10pm at night to remind you of your age!

There is probably much more that I’ve forgotten. I’ve been in a bit of a fog in the past weeks and so much has gone by me without noticing. I’ve missed updating everyone one what is happening in my life though and I want to get back to the more positive posts that I began this blog with. I’m working on it.
I just have to remember that life goes on…..

50 thoughts on “It Goes On

  1. Hi Suzi, I sometimes wonder if you are somehow me. I know we started out around the same time and our blogs have ebbed and flowed in similar ways. I haven’t been in the blog world for a while. The real world has been spinning fast. Do you ever think of someone and hear of them? True story. My emails have backed up and so I spent time clearing them out just yesterday. I saw so many blogs I subscribe to but haven’t had the time to read 😦 I thought of you and noticed none from you. My mind turned to you and so today I opened my emails ready to email you just to see how your world was spinning. What did I see – your post. The world is a mysterious ( but generally good) place . I see you have been very busy . Looking forward to reading more from you. I’m going to dust the cobwebs off my blog too. Oh and just cause I’m over excited – I became a mother in law last Saturday. My son married his beautiful girlfriend of 7 years. Nothing can wipe the smile off my face πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Kerri Ann,
      Congrats on the mother in law gig. Very exciting for you. It’s nice to be missed and I appreciated reading your words. Yeh, life is funny like that sometimes isn’t it? x


    1. Hello lovely lady. So nice to see your smiling face again. Hope the winter didn’t hit you too hard there. It’s Autumn here now but the weather still thinks its Summer. Bring on the cooler weather.


  2. If I ever rule the world I shall decree that there should be 90 minutes each morning for every mortal to spend time blogging, reading blogs, and responding to blogs. It’s great to see you again. Hit us up with small snippets would you?

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  3. Dear Suze, I’m so, so very sorry to hear about the depression. I really do know how horrible it can be when you feel that incredibly low or anxious or both. It can feel like every minute of the day is a struggle to just keep going. It’s such a shame the medication produces bad side effects but if you need it, you need it! It’s amazing that you are still working, doing a course and managing all those other things needed with a family. In my eyes you’re a champion. Big hugs! xx

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    1. It’s just a little stumbling block Jane. I’ve beaten it before and I will once again.
      I’d like to think I’m a champion but my house would beg to differ! lol Thank you for the hugs though. x

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    1. I see she doesnt write about you either Grandma ☺ I love you more and i promise one day to include you in my blog stories. Before you say it, no I am not being a shit. ❀

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        1. I have one, I just dont lead as leisurely lifestyle as you πŸ˜‰ and I have no time to post between playing house, mum, wife, work and study. πŸ˜›

          Besides I cant say horrible things about you if you intend to read it. KIDDING! Or am I? Jokes again – you’ll never know.


  4. I did notice your absence. It sounds as if you have a full life! I really can understand about trying to get the fun back into the job. I love kids, but have been caring for them for 30 years, and lately I have just been so bored! After so many times of doing the same old things, it can be hard to find it in you to act/be excited about something lol. But, as you say, life goes on! I look forward to your next update.

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    1. Hi Granny! Great to see your smiling face once again.
      It can be difficult to find the sunshine in the day to day work sometimes that’s for sure. I love working with the aged but there are other parts to the job that really get me down.
      Good on you for doing childcare for 30 years! That’s quite an achievement for sure.

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  5. I love that you’re back, but so sorry to hear that stinkin’ black dog has been nipping your ankles. I’m glad you’re kicking back. Congratulations on the weight loss! I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

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  6. Omg! About time! I have updated this page time and time again and nienty, nothing, nada.

    You’re probably thinking, my goodness I did not realise you as in I read your blogs. Its a book marked favourite. So now you know, I do and you might want to think about your regular characters. You can refer to me as “the original” or “number 1”.

    So get it together and there is always something to write when im involved πŸ˜‰

    Your welcome 😘

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      1. I like my suggestions better. Pretty sure the first born gets little publicity. Proof in the above posts about people miss hearing about the Garden Gnome and Teen. Tet tet.


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