I’m Channelling Britney Spears….

You know…. “Oops, I did it again!”
That is, I’ve gone weeks between blog posts once more. I think the wheels have fallen off to be sure.
But here I am, checking in and letting you all know that I am in fact still with you and still the crazy, confused and mixed up person I have always been.
So what have I been doing with my life… besides not blogging? Well, I’m glad you asked. So in my self indulgent way, I will begin to tell you…
One of the things I have done over the past weeks was attend Supanova. I think I mentioned that we were going in a previous post. This time we both decided to dress up. The Teen was dressed very nicely (she said it wasn’t a costume) but a lot of people asked whether she was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I had a red cloak that I wanted to wear (another op shop find) and wracked my brains to think of something. I finally thought of Melisandre from GOT and created a necklace and purchased a dress (too late to make one). The dress wasn’t really right and the necklace fell apart after a couple of hours but I had so much fun that day. Although we queued for an extraordinary amount of time to get in, we enjoyed ourselves and the Teen got to meet Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter). The fun thing was being asked if I wished to join the local Tolkein appreciation group. So far, I’ve joined their facebook page but haven’t ventured much further than that. πŸ™‚
Supanova-April-2016I am still working hard at my day job and working on my studies. I’m currently in the process of completing my Wellness certification so that I can become a Life Wellness coach. I am a business plan away from finishing the first part of my coaching course. This business plan is really giving me a hard time and I get mental blocks every time I sit down to do it. I’m loving the Wellness component though.

Now part of wellness is eating well and I certainly have the best intentions. I’m still working on the weight loss aspect but sometimes I just cave and eat sooooo much stuff that I shouldn’t (e.g. this weekend with chocolate, cookies and other stuff). I’d like to blame the weather change (finally) to cooler weather, but I can’t use that excuse all the time. However, I cook up good paleo food for myself most weekends to last me the week.
The other weekend, I made Roasted Pumpkin and Pear soup, Seed & Nut bread and Coconut Chia puddings. I eat the puddings for breakfast and the bread goes great with the soup.
Cooking-April-2016Right now I have a meal full of vegetables and meat in the slow cooker although I did cheat and buy the soup base rather than make it from scratch.
Baby steps right?

I am reading a lot right now and keeping a reading list that I hope to share with you all at the end of the year. I kept a reading list last year also (that I haven’t shared but might in the coming weeks) and I have already out-read my last year’s list. In between reading, I have been doing jigsaw puzzles. My family began by helping me out with them but now they just begrudgingly walk around my working area on the floor of the lounge/living room.
Yesterday I completed one I had been working on for about a fortnight and then completed a round one in the same day.
jigsaw_1-14.05(For some reason the photo of the round one doesn’t want to load. Shame because it’s so pretty).

Last weekend was Mother’s Day. I do hope you all had a wonderful day.
Mine was fairly quiet due to the fact that I had a bad headache (still have it unfortunately) however the Son and the DIL came over for breakfast. (Well they said breakfast but didn’t get there until just before lunch time). So the Son and the Teen cooked us up a big brunch that we ate outside in the gorgeous weather. They also bought me a lovely quote/clock/wall hanging. The Garden Gnome and the Teen bought me Darrell Lea Rocklea Road
and a block of Old Gold chocolate. Yum. My gorgeous First Born and her family called me on speaker phone and wished me a lovely day and I called my mum and chatted for the best part of an hour. So apart from the headache, all was wonderful.
For the clients at work, I took in all my old crockery for a Devonshire morning tea for them. They loved it. And I loved seeing all my old wares being used.
China-06.05 China_2-06.05The teen has been keeping busy with school. Straight A’s so we are proud as punch. She’s also marched in the local ANZAC Parade and has been competing in debating. Their team had a win last time.
25.04.16jpgWhen I was at the last debate at another school, I found this on the wall of one of the math’s classrooms. I asked permission to take a photo of it as I feel that the lessons contained within it are just as important for adults as they are for kids working on their schoolwork. Mindset

Pretty awesome stuff really.

Well, I have thought of some great blog post topics whilst I’ve been doing other things. I need to take the time to write them down when I think of them so I can share them with you all.
I’m currently doing the 10,000 steps challenge with everyone at work. Weekends are my worst as I hardly move lol however I’m trying to get out and walk. When I walk, I’ve been listening to podcasts from the Hay House World Summit. It makes the time go quicker and I learn so much in the process.
Right now, I am working on my 101 Life Goals (from Jack Canfield), updating my vision board and writing a letter to myself in 5 years. Some of that is homework from my Wellness training though.
So, I’d best get moving or it will never get done.

I trust you are all well and happy. I do think of you often. I just don’t get in here to say hi that often.
Keep on smiling. Keep being grateful. Keep on looking for the beauty in the world.

21 thoughts on “I’m Channelling Britney Spears….

  1. So glad to see you Suze! Love how you look- love how busy you are- wellness coaching sounds like a perfect fit for you. Happy for you that things are going well ❀


  2. Getting back into blogging is difficult. It’s nothing like when you first start the adventure and you’re all hyped up. Too, you work outside the home now, which can through off your life rhythm as well as cause fatigue.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi there! Long time since I have visited. I have been sort of off the blogging wheel myself. Love, love this post!! Great pictures! I love the one of you in the cloak …and yes, I see Melisandre from GOT …(love that show) great necklace, it looks like hers but yours is prettier. πŸ™‚ Also like the beautiful table setting and china. Good to see you blogging! Thanks for sharing and updating with us. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? They are having a fundraising dinner later in the year. It sounds like so much fun but I can’t imagine the GG wishing to go and I don’t really want to drive all that way to attend on my own. πŸ™‚


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