Well Played Universe… Well Played

Napoleon Hill started it all in 1937 with his book “Think and Grow Rich”.
He opened our minds to the concept of universal abundance and visualisation. Today, the teaching is still around and espoused by many such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra.
It was made especially popular through the writings in “The Secret” and “E-Squared” (both of which I’ve read). So it stands to reason that I believe that we can create our own prosperity and abundance and often try it out.
In the past, I have dabbled with little things such as looking for butterflies and particular coloured cars in my daily travels. Of course, those things have always been there but it’s amazing that once you have focused on something that you really want, it often appears.
So this week, I received an e-newsletter about the full moon coming and putting into place a wish for manifestation (I subscribe to all sorts of newsletters lol). The writer suggested asked the universe for one of many things and listed several suggestions.
Seeing as money is generally something that we all need (particularly with the Teen heading to Japan in a few short weeks time), I asked the Universe to manifest some money into my life.

24 hours went by……nothing!

48 hours…… still nothing!

So on Friday, as I was driving to work (as a bundle of nervous energy but that is a whole other story in itself) I started talking out loud.

“Righto Universe/God/Source (pick whichever you wish to be), I put it out there almost 3 days ago for some money. Now, if you want me to believe that this stuff is true then you’d better come through with the goods. After all, I want to believe it all but I’m getting a little time poor here….”

And into the manic area that was my workplace on Friday, I boldly strode.

Ten minutes later as I was standing in the reception area having a conversation with a co-worker, one of our maintenance team came out to me. (They had been shifting my desk to make way for a new one with more space – yay!). He held his hand out and said “I found this under your desk and thought it must be yours” as he dropped a $1 coin into my outstretched palm.
I erupted into laughter and nobody could understand why.

“Well played Universe! Well played!”

AbundanceP.S.Β  When I arrived home from work there was a letter from the school with an invoice for our final payment for the Teen’s upcoming overseas trip. It was $300 less than I had thought it was going to be.

P.P.S. Life goes on for me. There are still health issues that are impacting upon my day to day life but I’m putting one foot in front of the other. I am still writing. I am excited by my writing project and can’t wait to share it with you all. I am still only a business plan away from my qualifications (damn you stumbling block) and my website is now up and running.
My family are all wonderful and all are moving forward. My grandchildren have been here the past couple of days and we had a ball. So much abundance in every other area of my life to be grateful for.
I trust this finds every one of you just as blessed!

19 thoughts on “Well Played Universe… Well Played

  1. Awesome Suz. A couple of things I’ve noted about the “Universe”: if you ask you will at least get a token response to your exact question – and your problem will be addressed even if you have asked for the wrong thing – i.e. what you really needed was to be able to pay for the Teen’s trip[ You interpreted that as needing money, the universe interpreted it as matching your money to the invoice – which it did by reducing the invoice. I once asked God for the tuition for a university degree. He gave me the deposit (from a church, no less) and then told me to ask around – which I did and got the remainder.

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  2. Positive thinking help us so much, also to attract whatever we need. I believe that I attract, whatever is needed to survive and pay what is needed. We need to be very specific in our asking. Just money can mean both money in and extra bills, why we need to ask specific.
    Wish your daughter a wonderful trip. Enjoy every day, Irene

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