Let’s try again…..

My oldest daughter (who reads this blog but only comments on it when she calls or texts me) tells me that I should begin again with “F is for Failure”.
In my defense, I have an excuse. It’s called ‘life’ and sometimes it is rougher than at other times.
I apologise. Every time I think I am getting somewhere, something happens. Continue reading

E is for Essential Oils

I am a person who is influenced by my sense of smell. Many of my memories of people, places and things are tied up with scents; in that I only have to smell something familiar in order to trigger memories.
One particular memory I have is triggered by the smell of fresh baked bread. Upon smelling that, it immediately brings forth a vision of a man’s hands digging into a leather pouch hanging on his hip fishing out out coins as change from the payment I had given him for a loaf of bread. He used to come by the house each week selling bread and my grandmother would send me out to make her weekly purchase.
Although I cannot see the man, I can hear the sound of him looking for the correct change and smell the aroma of fresh baked bread that permeated his leather change pouch. Continue reading

D is for Dolls

Today is brought to you by the letter ‘D’.
I could have chosen any number of ‘D’ words to talk about in my life right now, such as depression (it comes and goes), decisions (aren’t there a lot of them to make?) or debating (the Teen’s team won the area championship).
I chose however the word ‘Dolls’.
You know you’re never too old for dolls. Right Mum?
Yes, I’m looking at you. ha ha Continue reading

B is for Birds and their Songs

Day 2 of my self imposed A-Z challenge designed to encourage me to share with you all once again.
This self-imposed exile from blogging has been a little difficult and I must admit that I miss making the time to write. I still journal every day but journalling is a different species of fish to blogging. Through each of these posts, I’m hoping to share a little insight into what makes me tick. Life changes and as it changes, many things about us change also. So this is a snapshot of me – ‘Sue, Suz, Suzanne, Mum, Ma’ as I am at this point in time.
Today I wish to share with you the letter ‘B’ proudly brought to you by Sesame Street. Not really, but it sounded good. 😉 Continue reading

A is for….

So in beginning this little challenge I have set myself to blog every day, I begin with the letter ‘A’. The purpose of this challenge is to share a little about me with all my quirks and foibles. Some days there will not be brilliant writing (ha ha) or meditative insights. It’s just a fun challenge I have set myself to get back into a regular writing habit.

Now A can stand for a number of things. It is after all the Alpha letter!
However in my world right now, A represents Art.
Continue reading