A is for….

So in beginning this little challenge I have set myself to blog every day, I begin with the letter ‘A’. The purpose of this challenge is to share a little about me with all my quirks and foibles. Some days there will not be brilliant writing (ha ha) or meditative insights. It’s just a fun challenge I have set myself to get back into a regular writing habit.

Now A can stand for a number of things. It is after all the Alpha letter!
However in my world right now, A represents Art.
I wish I had some art to share with you at this time. I’ve shared some in the past however I have to admit to being quite lax in being creative with colours, textures, paints and other media in recent months.
I do however have this wonderful idea in my head for a mixed media piece and also for an art piece (that will probably end up mixed media). I have a huge collection of colouring books on my desk and I have an idea for some art journal pages but so far I haven’t lifted a coloured pencil or paintbrush to begin.
It’s not that I’m not feeling the creative vibe, it’s just not happening time wise for me right now. I always seems to find other things to do in my spare time (like Candy Crush 😉 ).

Anyway, I’m no great art guru but I do have a background in scrap booking (traditional and digital) and card making. I’ve had many of my scrap booking layouts published in magazines both here in Australia and in the U.S. I even designed some papers and stamps and had them printed and distributed over here. It was such a buzz to find my paper and vellum in a local store one day.
In the past, I have also dabbled in lots of different crafts such as jewellery making, decoupage, sewing and anything else that took my fancy at the time.

I’m not sure that it qualifies me as someone able to judge what’s good and what’s not in respect to craft however. But one of my acquaintances thought that I must know something about it all when they asked me to be a joint judge for the Fine Arts and Crafts at one of the local shows (a bit like a fair) in our area recently. Luckily the person they paired me with is an actual artist! lol
So I spent a wonderful couple of hours judging children’s art, paintings, leather work, woodwork, jewellery, up-cycling, scrap booking, card making, mixed media, pottery and a host of other artistic mediums on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago. I find it so inspiring to witness the creativity of others.
I may not know the different artist’s mediums and applications but I do know colour and what is pleasing to the eye, so it was great to bounce my thoughts off another person as we chose our winners and those who received encouragement awards. (I wanted to give every single child a prize, but I wasn’t allowed to). Children’s creativity blows me away. There is no limit to their imagination.

So here I sit surrounded by the tools to create art, the ideas to create art, the materials to create art….. and I know that I really should let my creativity flow once again.


10 thoughts on “A is for….

  1. I may not always keep up with people’s blogs, but the A is a great one for my family and me. We love art! Hope you have a lovely Labor Day weekend! I am making brief stops on blogs I follow but telling everyone I have a busy summer work schedule, last two weeks I worked 99 hours! Yikes! Smiles, Robin

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  2. Yes dear great to see you back I wish I were back I have had the pool table (yes the dont put anything on pool table) covered with 9 meters of calico to cut out plastic bag holders for about 4 weeks now ,I have to find happy fabrics amongst my stash to decorate them I think you need a week end here I have 2 sewing machines.hehehe
    love you lots

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