C is for Chocolate!!!

I mean c’mon. How could C stand for anything else in a woman’s life?
Chocolate is my sanity saver and comfort food.
If chocolate could wear a cape, it would be a super hero.
Oh chocolate, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways………….
I love you filled with sweet gooey stuff.
I love you mixed with nuts and raisins.
I love you in pretty shapes and in easy to break little blocks.
I love you when you are wrapped around wafers or nougat.
I love you when are filled with Turkish Delight.
I love you after dinner.
I love you when I’m stressed.
I love to eat you with friends and colleagues.
I love to eat you when I’m on my own and don’t have to share.
I love you when I find you under gift wrapping.
I love you even when you’re not gift wrapped.
I love you in all your many and various guises.
But I prefer you dark to white or milk. (Does that make me racist?)

And here is my current favourite (found in all good Aldi stores).
Dark Chocolate with Almond!!! nom nom


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