Let’s try again…..

My oldest daughter (who reads this blog but only comments on it when she calls or texts me) tells me that I should begin again with “F is for Failure”.
In my defense, I have an excuse. It’s called ‘life’ and sometimes it is rougher than at other times.
I apologise. Every time I think I am getting somewhere, something happens.
As I write this apology post, I am also looking at links about oils, reading The Teen’s high school newsletter and catching up on emails.
In the background I have the music of Roy Orbison playing and the house is quiet. The Garden Gnome has taken his mother to do her weekly shopping and left me alone with the cat (who is so far still sleeping). She will no doubt come and bother me soon asking to be fed.
I have the day off work today as we took the Teen to the International airport this morning to set off for two weeks in Japan with teachers and other students from her school. I must admit there were tears on both sides as this is the first time she has been away from home for longer than a couple of days and never this far.
Due to the late night last night (why does the Teen leave EVERYTHING until the last minute to do) and the very early start this morning, when we got home from the airport we slept. (She left us with strict instructions that she wants to come home to her room as messy as she left it)!

Now, I am playing catchup when I should be working on an assignment. And I have been on the phone to card services trying to work out why I couldn’t access The Teen’s cash card for her trip online only to discover that the person who originally set up the account has put in the wrong birth date for me. *sigh* If it were true, I would have another birthday coming up in a couple of weeks lol

The Teen has sent a few text messages to us before her plane took off. She was held up in customs and we think her umbrella may have been confiscated. Her passport photo didn’t check out with how she actually looks (?). I told her that is because she is more beautiful in real life.
So now we wait to hear if they arrive safely. It may be another 6 hours or so before we hear though.

Well, I am rambling and I have posts to write and schedule.

Blessings to you all 🙂

PS: Right on cue….. here comes the cat!!

11 thoughts on “Let’s try again…..

  1. What are you trying to do? You did not elaborate Failure to commit to the blog challenge. Now you have painted me as a nasty negative piece of work. Well played. You’re terrible Muriel. I cant believe Miss had customs issues – what idiots. Let me know when you hear.


  2. It’s so nice to see you back in the loop Suz! And I know I’ve missed some posts but I’ve been out of the loop trying to get this Alaska book finished.
    I remember when Andrew went away for a week for his senior trip – four years ago – yes I cried tears! Now he will be graduating from college in December. We don’t see enough of him. Treasure your moments. BTW – did your new birthdate make you older or younger? Lol! ~Elle


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