A Time of Change and Learning

Last night my mother asked me whether I intended to continue with my blog? My one word answer was “Yes”.
I confess, I have left you all sadly neglected of late whilst I have allowed myself to wallow in self pity and other other such feelings that we as human beings tend to indulge in from time to time.
This year however, is a time of change, learning and growth for me and I confess to missing the interaction that I have with you all as I go through these changes. So here’s to a new change on that front.

I’m sure that to many of you it seems as if my life is always about learning and growth. You only have to read back through many of my past blog posts to see that.
I liken myself to a pot plant. I grow and thrive when the conditions are perfect (good food, great atmosphere etc) but die back when neglected or something becomes lacking in my daily care. Only to come back better and stronger when looked after once again. And since it is me that looks after myself, then I get what I put out ha ha.
A better comparison may have been a phoenix rising from the ashes but I think that a pot plant suits me better. 😀
This month has been an interesting month for me. It has had many blessings and it has been trying also.
I began the year with such a positive mindset. THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!
I set about working through Mike Dooley’s “Love Your Life in 30 Days” challenge (and loving every minute of it). I haven’t kept up with each day in sequential order however I work on a day, mull it over and then come back to it. I have recorded all the exercises in a journal I purchased specifically for the purpose and decorated the cover with my vision board for this year. I have used coloured pencils and drawings and allowed my inner artist to shine through on some days. But mostly, I’ve been working on my mindset.

It would be an outrageous lie to say that every day has been one of optimism, growth and positivity. I struggle at times to keep the concerns of tomorrow away from the beauty of today.
I wake each morning with great intentions of what I intend to accomplish that day and go to bed each night either elated or defeated. It is a cycle.
Yet, before I fall asleep each night I spend time thanking God/Source/The Universe for whatever blessings have been bestowed upon me.
I then repeat my affirmations and ask that my dreams are blessed. Then I wake up the next morning and begin the cycle once more.

Life isn’t always going to go exactly in the way that we wish it to. I realise that and understand that sometimes there are lessons to be learned along the way.
There is much going on in the world at large right now that has me a little concerned but really all of that is totally out of my control. I can’t change what has been done. However,  I choose to believe that as I work on making a difference in my own life and the lives of those I interact with, then change will come about. It may not come about on a global scale for some time but hey, I believe in the ripple or butterfly effect!! In the words of the Decore ad “It may not happen overnight; but it will  happen”.
(Funnily enough, I felt led to place butterflies and water ripples on my vision board).

Each day is a lesson for us all (not just me) to learn to live in the present and to make the moments in each day count.

A week or so ago, I had the opportunity to hear Wayne Bennett speak. For those of you who don’t know who he is (and don’t wish to click on the link), he is a well-known Australian Rugby League coach. Wayne is a very taciturn man and by his own admission, an introvert. I’m not going to talk about his personal life (and he made no mention of it throughout his talk) as that is his own affair. However, his words created a huge impact upon me. I sat in the front row (actually I was sitting next to the man himself before he went up on stage) and I took notes. His basic message was about living in the present and doing the best that you can. He commented that nobody expects anything less than that so when you do your best, you are on the right track.
Yes, he talked about football a little (during the question and answer time) but his whole message was about being true to yourself.
I left the hall that evening with a greater respect for the man and buzzing with excitement and potential.

And that is my theme for this year:
To live each day as fully as I can.
To do the best that I can each day.
To love and to be loved.
And through doing this, I will become what I wish to be.



26 thoughts on “A Time of Change and Learning

  1. Welcome back, dear Sue 😀
    It is long time ago, I found your last post in my Reader, so I became very happy to see, that you visited my blog again.
    The best we can do, must be to stay honest to ourselves, remember to live every day, which also help us to live and enjoy the moment.
    I believe like you, that we start with ourselves and then the rings will spread all over our world.

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  2. It’s wonderful seeing you again and I’m happy that you’re back with us. There is something very special and fulfilling about writing our thoughts and connecting with others. Like you, I took a partial break for the past few months. Discouraged and seeking fulfillment in other parts of my life, I had let my blog go. But, I really like it here and plan to stay. Glad that you plan to stay too. And I *love* your positive outlook. Life may not be all roses, but we can certainly enjoy each one that comes our way. Appreciate each day and make every moment count.

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    1. I do miss the interactions. However my days tend to get caught up with other things and I overlook coming in here and replying to comments – sorry.
      Great to catch up with you again.


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