This thing called life

is a wondrous thing.
We rise each morning with a blank page (day) spread before us to do with as we wish.
How we choose to react to the circumstances of the day is entirely within our own hands. How we spend our time is once again wholly ours to decide.
Life is what we choose to make of it. Continue reading

The Power of a Smile

I was just looking at my stats and once again this week, my most popular post was the one where I challenged everyone to smile.
Smiling is such a simple thing to do and it can change not only the way that your face looks but the whole of the world around you.
Nobody can walk past a smiling person without smiling back or feeling uplifted. Continue reading

Where does time go? And other questions!

Did you know there are only 72 days until Christmas?
I know right?
What has happened to the year?
Come to think of it, what happened to the weekend?

I don’t think I’m coping with just how quickly time seems to get away from me right now. I wake up each morning with grand plans for the day and then the day just goes. I haven’t quite worked out exactly where it goes though. Continue reading

Finding your Smile

Right now, I am struggling. There is no reason for this struggle to be occurring however it is.
I’m wondering if it is in fact tied in with the ever-present hormonal highs and lows that are part and parcel of being a woman of a certain,  shall we say distinguished, age?
Removing the cumbersome cloud that drapes my shoulders on a regular basis sometimes requires more effort than I am prepared to exert. These days become pyjama and blanket days unless I am forced by some familial obligation to leave the hearth and home and socialise with others as I was required to do yesterday. Continue reading

Polly is visiting

Well Polly and my back have both come back from wherever they were both hiding so that is a good thing.
Well she is here right now anyway, so I’ll enjoy her company whilst I can.
At least that should make the First Born happy even though she didn’t follow her own advice and continued to call me regardless of whether it was Polly or Nellie who answered the phone each time đŸ˜‰ Continue reading

On Flying – or Being a Bird

As a human being, in order to fly one must either board a plane or fit themselves with an apparatus made of nylon and launch  from a great height in order to soar.
I prefer to fly in my dreams for there lies true freedom.

I recall participating in a blog hop thing quite some time ago where I had to answer the question “If there was one super power you could have, what would it be”? If I remember correctly, I believe I answered that I would love the ability to fly.
However this could prove difficult for me seeing as I have a fear of heights. Continue reading